Should I upgrade to an MVP pump?

Hey guys, just had some general questions about extraction. My knowledge base basically all comes from a single source and I feel like after reading through here, alot of my information is outdated and leads to large inefficiencies.

Right now I’m running 6X48 material tubes with ~2000g of biomass. We run 40lbs of 70/30 blend and then use a sous vide setup to get the water to around 100F. Using a CMEP to recover into a 200lb stainless tank.

As of now, we don’t chill the recovery tank. We just chill the 1/2" coil between the pump and tank with regular ice.

It takes us almost 4 hours to fill and recover with this setup. Assuming I can increase the heat on the collection vessel and put a chiller on the internal coil on our recovery tank, will that reduce recovery times drastically or should I grab an MVP 6CFM now that the pricing has come down? Just trying to be able to run start to finish per tube in 2 hours. Also looking at converting to rack mounted and adding in NO2 and maybe CRC in the near future to get “with the times”


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10lbs an hour… with 70/30…throw that cmep in the trash.

Even with a mvp, it won’t help. You’ll be moving more vapor yes, but not condensing it.

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Theres something wrong with his pump. My cmep averages a lb every 1.5 minutes. With almost a lb a min at the curve

Yea I used to hit 1+ a minute with 2 of them on ntane. there could be a few issues slowing him down without any more info.

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Were you using 2 coils or did they both run into the same coil?

Post a pic of your setup

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Small tube n shell

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I’ll grab pics. And it’s not just a single pump, I own 7 of them and the all get regular rebuilds. Definitely something else with our process that’s causing me to run slow as heck.

So we feed the material column, as soon as we see a slight trickle we close the ball valve and soak. Then we dump and soak 2 more times til we basically have the pot 3/4 of the way full.

The 1/2" coil sits in a bucket of ice that we change out ever hour or so.

What temps are you guys running your hot water baths? I’ve got basically 1.5 sous vide running each set up (ive got 2 setups) and they struggle to keep the water 90-100F.

He needs more condescending power…tube and shell and chiller