Should I press this to rosin?

So question for all you smashers out there. Is this worth smashing? Or would you say just keep it as the wonderful bubble hash it is. It’s absolutely delicious and stinky, but I don’t want to bother driving all damn day (9 hours round trip) to go get my rosin press if it’s not. I know that blonde hash turns into blonde rosin, would I be lookin at making some doo doo brown with this? Or is their a technique to keep it from that? I am not very experienced with rosin but have loved every rosin I’ve dabbed light or dark. I have some of this color hash rn and have thoroughly been enjoying it, but of course I’m always tryna push for mo betta. Any info is appreciated famalam.

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Does it dab currently without fucking your banger up?
It will definitely make dark rosin but if you wanted to dab it without it chazzing your banger it would help. I like hash like that in a pipe as is though so I would probably just leave as is


u could press it into rosin then into thca and it would be better