Short path waste carmelizing

Has anyone ran into the issue of your crude waste at the end of your SPD run “carmelzing” and when cooled down turning into the consistency of toffee. Going to just drain the system while still hot but was curious if anybody knew exactly why this happened, thanks.

Would of been a nightmare if I was using a wiped.

yup, residue can take on surprising consistencies!

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Maybe leave some of the tails in there to prevent this?

you should see the residual that comes out of my wiped film… sometimes it turns into obsidian. cant even put a fingerprint in it. but warm it to 120c and it flows.

d limonene in the boiling flask should break it up i think


It’s polymerization of remainder fluids. Sorta cool. You can make plastics out of it.

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How does the melt point of cannaplastic compare to PE or HDPE product? I imagine any off gassing would be significantly less harmful.

Imagine a 3d printer filament made of polymerized junk from distillation! That would smell super nice for a 12 hour print! :face_vomiting:


What’s the typical grams/hr of output for consumer scale 3d printing?

I printed a part yesterday It was 1 day and 19 hrs at 50% density the part used 205.97 meters of filament totaling 614 grams.The filament was 1.75mm thickness. My 3d printer software tells me all this info after the model is sliced… easy peasy!


That’s slower than I was expecting. Not sure if I have the patience for it hah. I’ve been looking into desktop CNC machines for fabbing trigger parts.


It is slow, but very convenient. It is good for prototyping, but subtractive manufacturing certainly gives you a more meaningful part as far as function/durability goes.
what material were you wanting to cut?

ps. small trigger parts may print in several hours or less depending on how large.


Small trigger parts… Yankee boogle?

Edit - on second thought…dont answer that question.

Most likely Alloy 2011 Aluminum

Edit: although 2024 would also be a good choice

do you want pricing on any particular type/ profile?

I’ll follow up with you on DM tonight

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