Short path-fractional distill

I have crude oil which i seperated it from ethanol from rotovap. From then , i try to do short path , but the result is too bad . It does have terrible stinky smell . I’ve been trying couple time but it still same result - Stinky shit . I use 200 gram of red oil and in the receiving flask it only have roughly 10 ml of golden liquid ( thin like water and not thick )- stinky . Why did i do wrong ? People told me to change the flask but it seem doesnt help , after 180C , the stinky shit come out and that it’s . Not more running .Any help would be appreciate it .

Equipment im using :
-Edward RV 5 vacuum pump
-Vacuubrand controller cvc 211 with 24v isolating vavle
-Haskris e100 chiller
- heating mantle and glassware from ali
-buchi Re-111 rotovap .

Are you using a vacuum gauge?

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I dont have one . I used to use vacuubrand controller cvc211 but it doesnt work so i let the vac run full .

200 grams is too little for that large of still.
Consider using a 500ml boiling flask for an amount that small. Odor is burned terps, what vac level are you acheiving?

You will need a gauge for us to be of much help. Without knowing your vacuum it becomes difficult for us to help you identify the issues…

Thanks , guy ! I’ve just correct all mistake and have the succesful first patch . Very nice color and no smell . Thanks a lot guys !
P/s : i had a leak . After geese all the joint , put extra valve ——> problem solved . Thanks alot for your time guys ! You guys are best !


What type of vacuum gauge do you recommend?

The bullseye brand, Bluetooth capable one from @LabSociety is my go to


In soviet Russia, short path distills YOU!


DistillATE? More like distillSTARVING.