Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

My question is in regards to making the best shatter possible. A chef is only as good as his ingredients, in this case material. The fresher the better, whether it’s sweet leaf from the trim scene or a straight up nug run…

I’m curious to know what SOP’s the veterans on this site run with, especially in regards to the finishing technique of purging in a vacumn oven and getting ones glass to shatter.

I’m grateful and appreciative for any knowledge coming this way.

Thank you.

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Easiest way…N butane…blast cryo cold fast no soak… Everything needs to be cold cold!!! Dry ice cold, dewax sleeve makes much easier

Purge 100f full vac 4 days flipping several times

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Purge in the vacuum oven for 4-5 days, turning multiple times per day until it is super stable.

I think there are too many variables to making fire shatter. The oil really tells you what it needs.

Cold nbutane. Good material. Recover around 80f. Start your purge at around 90f. Full vacuum. Multiple flips.

That’s a good checklist.


I’ve personally found that certain strains will tend to be more glass-like shatter than others. The high CBD strains that go through my lab are usually always sap. Purge 90°F 3-4 days flip twice a day