Shatter TIPS AND TRICKS of the trade

Good day gentlemen and ladies!

This thread is for anyone that wants to share useful tips and tricks for techniques involving shatter production and purging!

Things I always have difficulty with are trying to prevent sugaring, I can’t seem to fit what I need in my ovens and it always takes forever!

How are you guys streamlining this process and pumping out as much quality shatter as possible?

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More vac ovens?

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Pour more thin slabs and have the oven set a little warmer than normal for the first few days under vac 90-96 deg. After a few days turn the oven down to 88.8. Do your pour out with more solvent can help sometimes too.
When you do the initial muffin dont let it get to huge, lift it and drop it quickly.

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Make sure everything is clean. Contaminants create nucleation

Drier material = less nucleation

don’t go over 105-110f in oven

flip as much as possible to cut purge times down.

No one really knows how to control stability of product from pull and snap to shatter. it’s material dependent at this point.

Need any specific help don’t hesitate to reach out.


Dehydrated concentrates are typically always shatter, make sure your material is frozen and butane bone dry. For super shatter you need to remove the terps so running thru a media (magsil, bentonite, activated alumina, etc.) helps. Lower oven temps and immediate purge helps keep nucleation down.

There is a TON of info on all of this already. Redundant thread is redundant. I’d say make that magnifying glass your friend.


really terpy strains have a tendency to nucleate.some terps are hydrophilic which means they attract moister into them, which can promote nucleation as well .silica 60 can help sometimes with hydrophilic terps but is not a fix all and will lighten your color too.agitation will also cause nucleation .there is nothing wrong with nucleated shatter in fact most of the time it has more flavor.