Separating terps from purged BHO?

Wondering if anyone has a processes for pulling terps from BHO crumble or shatter. I was thinking I can put it undiluted into a BF with a solvent head and a long coil condenser at subzero, and just slowly cook it from 20C to 65C or so and see what I can capture and how clear it is. Then when I’m done, it can pour back out of the BF and go through all the decarbing, filtering, scrubbing that I will do to it.

Does anyone do this, or have a better process? Think there is potential for solvents contaminating the terps?

Look at Beakers post on LLE. Looks like a very effective method for stripping terps

even though it’s not explicitly stated, I get the impression that the OP is hoping the terps they strip from their BHO will be usable as diluent for their vape pen.

maybe it’s “separating” rather than “stripping” that gives that connotation?

how about it @distillat3r, you want them gone? or in a jar for later?


This is one way to do it. This is fast and efficient though has only been tested on the types of crude I get which is roughly what you describe.

This way is more tedious and more set up but you can also remove terps this way;

Finally a much more involved set up but for a thorough post you can remove terps this way;

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Yes I intend on keeping and using the terps, not removing and discarding. Sorry, I should of mentioned that.

Then checking out the thread @Apothecary36 pointed you to is a good place to start.

@Beaker’s methodology is primarily for getting them gone.


Redissolve in Isobutane, freeze then seperate fractions.