Separate temps for 3 jackets or a single temp divided?

Do I keep it 98°f through all three columms or do I divide the temperatures to something lower.

I don’t wanna blow myself up.


Why not try a tankless water heater they’re dirt cheap


Yeah the tankless with a good pump, and a manifold to your parts and pieces. That’s probably the best idea if you can swing picking up a tankless used. You might be able to find one pretty cheap, or around the same price as a couple sous vides.

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What about the temps? Do I keep it 98°f throughout the whole thing or do I divide temperatures? This is my biggest concern cause I don’t wanna blow myself up.

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I can go aliexpress for that, lol.

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Bumping for answers.

In my opinion, go from your heater/chiller outlet → manifold with ball valves controlling each jacket/application individually → jacket/application → manifold with ball valves for each jacket/application → heater/chiller inlet. Also include a drain port/filling port at both manifold stations. This offers you more control since you can save a bit of heating/cooling capacity if you can block the flow into jacket that doesn’t need servicing. If any one of your components need maintenance, it’s way easier to disconnect it from a central manifold than if they were all connected in series. Simply close all valves, disconnect your component, drain the line (through the line or the manifold drain), and you’re all set.

EDIT: did you edit your OP? my answer doesn’t make sense anymore


I did edit it for temp answers but that’s a perfect answer to the previous question. I actually have my jacketed collection currently fitted with ball valves and quick disconnects. This has served super handy.

What I was actually thinking was for a super overkill idea was to make it so that the outlet manifold was on its own pump. That way it could speed up the flow of the water… But that would also raise water temps over time… … Maybe switching to some kind of centrifugal water pump that’s at perfect specs for this would be a good idea that way i can have the system on a closed circuit for the water but again… That could possibly raise temps.

Oh ok good, well I’m glad it was helpful.

You mean a pump at the outlet manifold in addition to whatever pump is in your heater/chiller circulator? I do not think this would work. If it pumps faster than your circulator does, there won’t be enough fluid output from that circulator to meet the feed needs of the additional pump. I might be interpreting your last paragraph wrong though!

Quick disconnects are awesome, and even more awesome when they have double shut offs. It’s basically a quick disconnect and ball valve put into one handy fitting.

look for the ‘with shut off’ label.

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