Separate Limonene and THC

I cleaned a bunch of distillate jars with limonene so now I have about 3L of THC infused limonene. Any suggestions on how to separate the two? Thanks!


Sounds pleasant! My new favorite mix is clean distillate with 0.5% d-limonene. Just put it in carts and sell it! Otherwise, just heat it to 140-180C and all the terpenes should cook off.


I do enjoy a tiny bit of a drop per gram limonene when I have tried it too. Love it in some isolate. I am betting too that limonene being a natural anti oxidant will keep the dabs fresher longer. Limonene takes the grittty edge off of very potent extract. I like mkaing the clear just because I like the challenge and ego boosting “likes” but my next goal was to be to learn the real art of taking isolate and then tailoring the flavor but not in a brute sort of way.

By this I mean that I wanted something smooth that felt natural. I am a bit slowed down now so am shifting priorities a bit and flavoring the compound is a bit lower than a few other “want to” things.

I added a ton of limonene on purpose once just to see how it distilled out. It tended to be pretty hot and back then I only had a Robinair vacuum pump with a blank off rating of 75 microns. It was pretty simple but the flavor will remain. Sounds like a fun lab try again if I was in your position because it was a treat sort of to me. Like lemonheads candy.


Recover in the roto by adding a small amount of distilled water. It will come off much easier as an azeotrope.


Azetrope with water, but watch the bump. It’s brutal with a dlime water azetrope.

Fwiw, water and limonene are immiscible, and dont form azetrope. Immiscible mixtures boil at temps below either of the components bp’s. Limonene and water at 97°C


interestings…im thinking you know how to crash stones out of limonene, how much does it take to super saturate it?

I would guess same as any other solvent, add thca till it doesn’t dissolve no more?


I think I should of done a smaller experiment lol


whistle at it… (blow on it for a bit)