Selling the equipment mother lode in Sac area(edit1: supplemental list a)

For starters, my apologies. I posted several weeks ago, and almost immediately was contacted by a buyer looking to take the whole lot of equipment.

As is too often the case, dude fell through. So. we’re back to square 1.


  1. Pro Refrigeration m45a 12.2hp compressor recirculating chiller, capable of -43c @10.9kw cooling capacity
    -Been through all the julaboo and huber models oover the years, and this thing kicks their ass. It’s a brute force unit. But if you’re volatile, all that aerospace level precision on the german models just results in issues. This bitch dooesn’t go down.
    -had a large volume setup, but never saw it get below -38c
    -we were averaging over 3.75p solvent per minute with straight n-tane. With a heat exchanger cycling 50F water prior to uor main HE, this thing kept up for sure. Even with our Corken t-291 pump pushing out 170F gas

2.) Nitro Generator, Air Compressor, and Storage Tank. South-Tek Solutions N2-GEN-04CPx-P-WH nitroo generator w/ epic 3ph air compressor, air drying system, storage tank, and all te bells and whistles.
-Generates 4.8SCFM of nitro and maxes 100psi.
-We supplemented when we needed a bit more pressure with tanks and a 3way valve.
-High-Capacity Nitrogen Generation System - Compact © Series N2GEN
-In the whole package over 22k.

3.) Parting with a bunch of ovens.
-11 AI5.0 Non-ULA 220v ovens. All less than a year old.
-15 AI3.2 non-ULA 220v ovens. With additional customo shelves to handle both 6 and 9 shelves.

4.) Edwards E2M80 57CFM vac pump. Beast.
5.) Edwards dry scroll XDS10. 30 days old
6.) Customized 8 column Xtractor Depot 8 column system. All swaged fittings.
7.) Corken t-291 recovery pump w/ lots of spare parts.(will even offer a couple months of tech support on unit)
8.) 18 6x48” columns along
9.) 6x48 IRONFIST hydraulic column packer. (unpacking was the moore valuable part in our experience…
12.5p per 6" column, and unpacked to fit over 35p intoo a single black and yellow tote from costco. ~12k
10.) 1.5 year old MVP-6 Recovery Pump. Just rebuilt it. Never used besides a couple min to test the rebuild. 0 hours on rebuild, and comes with another spare set.
11.) 260p ASME Xtractor Depot Solvent Tank. (this one)
260lb ASME Solvent Collection Tank | Xtractor Depot
12.) 260p XTRACTOR DEPOT Solvent Tank (different Thant he one above. last year’s model… taller.
13.) Massive tear drop shaped Xtractor Depot Solvent tank from the Titan 40
14.) ideal hanging crane scale for accurate measurements…(corken vibrated too hard for the pallet scales we tried.
15.) c1d1 flow meter w/ LCD touch screen
16.) a dozen different 6" sintered discs
17.) 12 nitro T bottles. (the big ones)
18.) 2x bhogart horizontal bases w/ 4" cone reducers
19.) soo much other stuff. Will update this tonight.

examples: 4" columns, 4" jacketed columns, ffilter plates, collars, etc. 6>2" reducers, 4>2" reducers. unused column socks,

buttload of 3/8 valves, even more 1/2" compression valves ton of brand new 1/2" fittings, new and used…elbows, t’s, crosses, etc.

a.)Bhogart 8" explosion proof w/duct
b.) Bhogart 12" explosion proof w/o duct(unless I find it)
c.) Bhogart 16" explosion proof w/duct
d.) 2x 6" caps with 1x 3/8 NPT
e.)3x 6" caps with 3x 3/8NPT
f.) 50x+. 6" collars
g.) 5x+ 6" caps with 1,5" TC
f.) 10x+ 4" collars
g.)13x+ 4" filter plates
h.) 1x 6x24 column
i.) 18x 6x48 columns
j.) 9x 4" columns
k.) 3x 6x36" columns
l.) 1x 4x24 column
j.) 4x 3x24 columns
k) 1x 3x18 columns


Ill take pictures and list in the dm

Wow good luck w the sale! Awesome stuff.

Definitely interested in some stuff, where are you located? I’ll need shipping to OK. Do you have 1um(or smaller) and 5um 6" sintered disks, how much for 2 of each? Interested in some ovens too, how much for 2, 3.2, and 2 5.0’s? dm me if its easier to send the rest of the list or prices.

if you have 3/8 compression or swage valves i need 3-5 of those, and really i need a bunch of swage right now mostly 3/8". Got any smaller unjacketed 6" spools or columns?


Interested in flow meter, some tanks and valves. Will dm you my contact.

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we have 5’s. i’ll go in tomorrow and count exactly how many. Not sure if it’s worth shipping ovens all that way. Any idea of cost?

Interested in all your AI 5 ovens what’s price ?

This post is well put together !
N I C E ! !
Is the chiller still available ?
If so, how much?
Thanks !

Price list available?

Don’t really have one compiled. Dm me what you’re interested in.

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How much for the whole lot of just the stainless steel ?

Man. I’d have to do a little quick math. But tbh, pretty damn cheap. I’ve got another person mostly
Implemented in the pumps chiller and ancillary components so that could work well

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still interested? I can shoot over the full list tonight?

I’m in the Sac area. By any chance, do you have a 10L heating mantle?


you have vacuum ovens still?