Selling Terpene Distillation Machines

Selling 3 of our Terpene Distillation Machines. Each machine comes with the option for propane heating (for outdoor use) and electricity (for indoor use).

Each machine can handle 50lbs of biomass (dry) and 100lbs of biomass (fresh). Dry Yields average out around 1.5-2% while fresh biomass averages out around 3%+. Yields will vary by quality of biomass.

Each machine sold will include a full remote consultation with 7 day phone consults for up to 6 months. On-site consultations available for an additional expense. I will teach you everything that you need to know including tips and tricks that will exponentially set you apart from the competition.

If you are interested in learning more please reach out! Thank you!

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Price and pics?


DM me

I tried DMing you but it wouldnt let me


Pics and price?

Also open to running terps on toll before we sell our machines. If this is of interest please DM me. Our process does not pull cannabinoids so the spent material can be dryed and extracted for cannabinoids post terp pull.



@Realterpsmatter there yall go have at it


@WestCoastTerpenes Can you give an approximate price for such a machine, are we talking 5 figures? Is it possible for this machine to extract Terpenes from THC biomass while stripping enough THC so that the Terps are less than 0.2% THC?

And also, do you sell Terpenes already extracted? I am interested, certainly, in these.

Thanks bro!!

These machines do not strip any cannabinoids at all. I have COAs to prove it. All cannabinoids test ND (non-detect) in our terpenes. I do currently sell terpenes and have plenty available. They are unrefined so if you desire a more refined product I will have to point you in the direction of one of our refining partners for post processing.

In our experience a lot of clients actually prefer the unrefined version depending on their application because oftentimes those rich earthy cannabis notes are lost in the refinement process.

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Im confused at what you mean by terpene distillation because youre starting from plant biomass. So youre heating the plant material to boil off teprenes then catching them in a condenser?

If you can dm pics that would be awesome

Does all spent material need to be dried or just fresh? Is this a steam distiller?

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Seems like a lot for steam distillation tho. Dont quote me im just speculating lol

It depends on your post extraction method. For most post extraction methods it will need to be dried first.

…Which leads me to believe that you are saying that hydrocarbon extractions don’t need to be dried because of their immiscibility with water. What distills the terpenes? Steam? Forced air? Inert gas? Microwave? Freeze/thaw, utilizing the vapor pressure of the biomass? What type of distiller is this?

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Yes, it’s a steam distiller.

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