Selling Lab Equipment - Check out some good deals on extraction equipment

Changing our business plan and need to liquidate some of our equipment. Let me know if you have any questions, everything is working as intended. I can explain the equipment uses and technical specifications in more detail if needed and will clean everything up and make it look like new before shipping.

2 x 500L jacketed vessels $12,000 a piece.

2 x 300L jacketed vessels $8,000 a piece.

1 x Falling Film evaporator without steamer or chiller $50,000

1 x Steamer $10,500

1 x North Slope Custom Chiller -80 Celsius with filters, extra Refrigerant, 30 gallons Syltherm XLT $50,000 - 5 year warranty.

1 x Lenticular Filter $2500

1 x Bag Filter $1800

1 x 300L centrifuge $25,000

5x 10ft Stainless Steel Hose $750 each


Not an interested party so I hope I’m not cluttering your thread but what is the pressure rating on the vessel in the second pic? Looks beautiful.

The second picture? That is our FFE, the gauge at the top is used to measure the temperature of the steam so we know the steamer is functioning as intended. We added multiple different temperature gauges to the system so we could dial in the proper parameters depending on what solvent we want to remove. There is a steam trap at the end of one of the stainless steel hoses to release pressure in the system.

I’m assuming you are talking about negative pressure? We measure in MPa, and the system gets somewhere between 0.8-1 MPa. Which is a pretty good vacuum depth for such a large system. It collects about 55 gallons of solvent per hour. I could prob get a little more out of it if I modded it some more.

Another thing to note is there is a WFE attached to the system so you can easily remove all solvent and decarb in one step.

If anyone needs assistance to set up the system I could fly out and install it if needed FYI.



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Thank you everyone for your interest! I Dm’d everyone back, don’t be afraid to ask questions on the thread a lot of repeat questions.

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Had someone back out, the equipment is still for sale!

We are now offering 30% off the entire set, or 30% off each item to get the equipment sold!


Centrifuge and the 2- 300L tanks are sold!

Hey there. Interested in finding out more about the North Slope chiller that you are selling. Still available? Where are you located?


Yes, the chiller is still available we do have someone interested in it and taking a look at it this week.

Thank you. Where are you guys located?? Do you have a spec sheet that you can share? I am new to this site so I am not sure what the best way to exchange information might be.

Charlotte, NC. What is your email address I can send you more information. Or you can contact me at (980) 259 - 1988. My name is Jack. Thank you.





Specs on steamer please