Sell me a cold trap! (LN2 for KD10)

Having a real problem finding an Ln2 cold trap to throw onto our cdu10k which is precision’s version of the kd6. This size of the clamps is presenting a problem as well and the factory is very hard to get drawing’s from. The one we have says the clamp size coming off our first cold trap is en65.

Anyone have any experience here that could either point me in a good direction or even sell us a trap? Would even be open to someone wanting to do installation for more $$ we are located in the Los Angeles area.

Really need to get this thing on the unit just won’t run right without it. I’ve attached some images

have you hit up CTS yet? They might have a solution for you if you can take some decently accurate measurements (even though they aren’t the original manufacturer).

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Looks like an iso flange to me.There are 2x wiped thin films in our shop right now getting new body’s remanufactured and new accesorys like traps, feed vessels, and more.

Here is the inside of one of them, lots of work to get this thing in running order, the inside looks like it got sanded with hammers…and this is brand new lol.


Quote of the week for me!


got this all sorted for anyone following along. Thanks for all the suggestions. INSANE change in throughput, quality, torr etc. I’m so happy


Where did you purchase the cold trap from? Any way you could share that contact?


of course.

We purchased it from ideal vac. They keep a lot of sizes in stock so we actually where able to overnight and do the whole project in a couple of days. You just need to know your flange sizes to make sure everything lines up or to buy an adapter if necessary