Seeking vape cart auto filling machine

I’m in the $2,000 plus or minus range for a machine that has a heating element that holds enough liquid to fill a tray of 50carts. Unscrews and screws them back- automatically. If you have anything similar to this please contact Eric Duffner at 714-943-5008. Willing tk try different setupsnin thisnproce range. Thanks

Talk to cart farmer. His reservoir holds 50ml, its heated stainless steel and about 1/6th of the price you were looking to spend. Ill vouch for it i use it daily. Only problem is sometimes the mixture gets a bit clogged pulling when not warm enogh.

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cart farm = best option

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Yeah you’ll spend more time prepping your mix and transferring it to the cart farmer than actually filling carts lol even if it was 100

We can be a great help if you need the handheld filling gun. Ours is the latest designed filling gun.

I have cart Farm’s setup and exiting the business as I’m moving to on to green pastures.

(1) CF 1000 Reservoir (holds 1 liter)
-(1) HSW Unimatic → syringe for shoot “CBD” into C-cells or ceramics
-3 heating elements : (1) CF 1000 Reservoir heating element with digital control gauge
(1) for the hose for the “CBD” that is piped into HSW unimatic syringe (1) original cart farm hose/Reservoir wrap
-(1) heavy duty scale measures to 0.1g up to 30,000 g
-(1) stand for the Reservoir assembly and pieces with heavy duty bracket
-(1) homogenizer CAT20 with shaft , (4) of washers, springs , o ring
-(1) homogenizer shaft official Cat Scientific with drill bits
-(3) glass syringes for terpens
-(24) different size needles depending (use to have extras)

  • (1) Cat Scientific official heavy-duty stand and bracket for homogenizer

I’ve done runs with as little as 100 carts to as many 950 carts. Always run clean CAT3 tested only product throughout the life of this setup.

Will ship anywhere within the continental US.

looking to sell the entire setup for $3500

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Quick question for yall using cart farmer. What temperature do you set the heating pad to? Ive noticed if i set it above 60 celcius it kindve burns off the terps i think. Im not sure though cuz i was using true terpenes(botanical). Any thoughts?

reservior 85c
hose 90-93c

Are you using botanical terps at that temp?? Youd have to be crazy to not notice some sort of evaporation from terps at that temp. CDT maybe its different idk.

CDT would be worse tbh. LID ON, Sitting at room temp outside of a fridge mixed with disty already, I can definitely notice the terp evaporation.