Seeking Info on Recovery Pumps and Wiped Film

Hello all. First off let me say there’s a lot of wonderful people on here. People willing to help and not condescend.
I’m looking for some info on a couple of things from individuals that have hands experience with higher end recovery pumps and wiped film machines.
I’ve been blessed with the daunting task of narrowing down some options.
First off recovery pumps. I had been looking at either a haskel or a cmep. I’ve already used trs and G5’s but we’re needing to be compliant. Doing some research I ran across the vaporhawg. But sadly as much I’d love to purchase it I can’t find a distributor. Any help on he vaporhawg would be greatly appreciated;).
Now to wiped film. We’ve been doing short path but are looking to upgrade. Again I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’m currently waiting on emails from manufacturers but any help from people with hands on experience would be helpful. Not looking for a monster system but being upgradable would be ideal.
Again thank u to all of u that take time to help all of us learn. Peace.

we have a bunch of wiped film in stock complete units at very reasonable pricing

Have you tried our search function?

The Vaporhawg and your other options have been discussed… Recovery pump selection

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Our company YHCHEM can manufacture wiped film. Please visit our website
And you can contact me

Still interested in a vaporhawg?

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