Seeking Full Time Employment Recent Grad Chemical Engineering

Hi! I am a recent graduate from University of Michigan majoring in Chemical Engineering. I have distillation experience from working at ExxonMobil as well as pharmaceutical experience from Pfizer. I know a lot about ethanol and hydrocarbon extraction, steam distillation and rotary vacuums, and I am highly interested in joining the cannabis industry. I graduated with 3.7 GPA and a lot of project experience therefore I would be opened to any roles, just to get my foot in the door. I do have work authorization and will not require any in the future. I was curious where should I look for opportunities?

If you happen to know anyone, please feel free to direct them my way. My email is and I would love to send you my resume. If you happen to know of any companies hiring in the cannabis industry, please feel free to drop them down below. I am interested in positions across the country but would prefer jobs in NJ/NY/PA/FL/CA/CO or MI. Thank you very much!

@agajach Hey! I know a startup near Wichita,KS that has some openings for engineers/techs. DM me if you’re interested!