Seeking Employment Opportunities - Team of Three


Over the last two years I have been brought onto several projects with one main project consuming most of my time. The main project was a full laboratory build out and training service that led to me becoming full time and bringing two friends out from their home states to work as my assistants and learn ethanol extraction, hydrocarbon extraction, WFE (KD series by chemtech), SPD (labsociety), and the rest of the process on a 100L+/wk volume. We all have experience in both THC and CBD production and formulation.
We are all graduates of the same University(chemistry and horticulture x2). We are long time friends with positive attitudes toward work, highly value work ethic and are able to move together if needed (I’m not sure how often teams are hired). We are currently employed but are seeking the next step in our career advancements. We are located in Los Angeles, CA.

I personally have three formal previous experiences in the GMP bioprocessing environments and one with tons of analytical and prep HPLC. I own my own HPLC (non-GMP ready) and am willing to bring it to companies seeking inhouse analytics, but I am currently in the process of trying to sell it. I believe this is what makes my team the most marketable - our understanding of controlled environments, tracking metrics, QCs and paperwork. We understand that our skills may differ from your SOPs and we’re all ready to take a backseat if needed to learn your methods. Alternatively we have plenty of documentation of our capabilities if you’re looking for a new direction. In addition to our processing skill set, we have hands on experience with growing, indoor and lightdep.

Please feel free to DM or text 5625214057 to discuss any upcoming or current opportunities. I am able to send resumes over if needed to get the conversation started. I personally would like to stay on the west coast but am open to anywhere for the right compensation package.


I’m not sure how often teams are hired either, but I’ve seen the difference actual teamwork from folks with the right skillset can accomplish, so I suspect others have too :wink:

good luck, and I’m gonna poke around up here in Eugene, because there a definitely folks that could use your skills.


Appreciate that very much.

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