Seeking consultant(s) for ethanol piping diagram and thermo- and fluid-dynamic calculations

Things I need help with:

•Piping diagram for ethanol extraction and for compressed air delivery
•Spec/selection of air compressor to meet the needs of the entire facility
•Calculation of friction loss, pressure drops, and appropriately sizing heat exchangers for ethanol
•Pump selection (mostly have this covered but want some more input, once the above is calculated)

If you are available and able to help with the above, please send me your contact info, rates, experience, etc. Project is in Southern California.

The volumetric scale is ~1000 liters of ethanol volume per extraction.

Thanks ahead of time!

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Might be able :smiley:

Id be your guy 2 years from now. @TheGratefulPhil for now


266 gallons per extraction? So doing 500-550 pounds per extraction ?

Did you find someone for this? I have non-cannabis industry contacts in contract engineering of this type, I can connect you.

Edit: I’ve worked extensively with

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Happy to help. Best would be to first do a quick phone conversation. Our equipment and fab is in San Diego. I’m based out of LA or S. OR most of the time. What your asking for is not complicated but your operational temp range and recovery plans are mission critical to the calcs of course.

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Please send me your contact information and I can do a phone call today.