Seeking CBG Seed / Biomass

Hello All,

Looking for about 100#'s of CBG hemp biomass. Also looking for CBG seed for this coming season. Feminized preferred. Any leads would be appreciated.

Be Well.

what % of cbg material are you looking for? I have two varieties with trace amounts of cbg,cbc, and cbdv, about 1-3% each when extracted. Only one seed provider I know with a cbg line coming out in 2019 currently, but its only available to repeat customers. Oregon CBD

I have biomass that when turned into crude has 7% cbg.

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Thanks for the reply. I am interested in that biomass for sure. I am located in Oregon. Care share your general location, specs on biomass (content, price, state) & price?

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I’ll have seeds in 60 days they will be ready Dm for orders

Cbg seeds available? Any testing done yet? What are your expected numbers? Have a very interested buyer with cash on hand.

We have access to both CBG bio and seeds. 541-761-7688

Yes dm me

Hey there im interested in 2500 seeds PM me.

There you go

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Please shoot me some info.

We have access to both CBD and CBG biomass

Let me know if your interested.


Text me 310-740-5503, Kyle… POL and Coas are available on the cbg seeds.