Seed Giveaway- Rare Pre-98 Blueberry Bx

Great stuff, blueberry is easily one of my all-time favorites. If you have any consolation packs left I’d definitely be interested!

Would love to bring those to life! If you have any left I would happily trade some genetics I run!

Looks spectacular! I love the old school berry. Hopefully you find what you’re looking for in your breeding. It would be awesome if you can get a stable seed line going to help bring it back. Such a great plant, the only one I ever grew that had purple trichomes. Definitely keep us updated on your project. I’m down to test some of the crosses you come up with down the line.

Any more freebies! Would love to have blueberry in my garden.

hello I wrote you on instagram your blueberry pics are unbelievable I haven’t find some real blueberry since the last time I got some in Vancouver bc;
I didn’t think that I would see some in pics that are real blueberry, that’s awesome to see some again!
So many fake blueberry on the market that it’s almost impossible to get the real deal! it’s a shame but thanks to people like you we might smoke some real blueberry one day :slight_smile:
i grew some in Vancouver and I smoke my share lol but since never saw some again especially now that I’m in France!

can’t wait to see your next projects! if you have more pics please don’t hesitate it’s the most beautiful and tasty plant in the world, by far my favorite :slight_smile:

Did the OP send any beans out to people? Another member reminded me last week about it and asked. I totally forgot about it.

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I havent gotten mine yet

I hope this wasnt another scam like the cbd isolate sale scam was selling our personal info.

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I just looked he said they were going out this week and that was February

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That’s a shame. Would love to see old school Blueberry make a comeback. Check out his IG, appears to be working on some really good genetics.

What happened?

I have access to blueberry cuts. Have no clue the lineage. But it produces well. Grows tall, smell and taste like blueberry. Great all around plant that is easy to grow

No one heard from OP since the offer.

Would love to see original blueberry make a comeback. For a couple yrs in the late 90s,that and a great northern lights strain, was the only good flowers that were in pa.

Yo everyone! I apologize for the delay!!! I have had a wild ride lately. I had a family member receive a very serious health diagnosis right after this thread, requiring immediate surgery, and then of course this Covid thing went nuts. I’m hoping to get the seeds out… today!

Thank you all for your patience!!!


Sorry things went south. And hope things are better.

would love to try these. Amazing you still have them

Ahh things went right up to surgery but then were delayed due to CV19, so we’re all just trying to keep him chill and safe until the virus blows over. :man_shrugging:t2: Crazy times when you delay an emergency double bypass and tumor removal, but it is what it is, I suppose.


To all of those folks who are interested in these beans, I hear you, and I can’t wait to get the seeds out to the public, but this is an ongoing project. This f2 release is just one early branch. I think the best way to follow the progress and catch the first release will be to watch our farm IG page at KnottyPineOrganics. Thanks so much for the passionate replies!!! Once we get this dialed there should be old school blueberry accessible to the community once again! :blue_heart: