Second run purity

This is second run disty that has been through my cryogenic sublimator twice.
it started as a dark extract, almost black. Just two passes to get this clarity means my pre distillation methods are on target. Second photo was taken by placing the compound over a cup of ice water for contrast. This is very potent and got me pretty high last night. :nerd_face:


What are exactly your pre distillation steps taken for this batch
Astonisching result with black as a starting point :fire:


I posted short vids in the order I did them on my IG page. Here is a recap;
I have used these little ceramic dishes for a few years for the quantities I deal with when heat needs to be applied. They withstand just about any temp and do not tend to create hot spots or any problems like that. This concentrate smells heavily of pine.

Step one decarb over medium heat.

Step two liquid to liquid strip of volatiles using methanol, hexane, water which also grabs gums and scums a bit.

Step three boil in isopropyl alcohol and water at a 70/30 ratio then redisolve in same and pull through buchner funnel with some alumina sand as the filter media. A paper filter keeps the sand top undisturbed and it is rated slow. This removes bulk chlorophyll containing “wax” and related compounds like carotenoids.

Step four redissolve in 99% isopropyl alcohol then use immersion chiller bath to cool solution to -65°C nominal. Then pass this through an alumina column with same paper filter rated slow. This grabs the remaining gums.


Step five (and repeat) Use a cryogenic sublimation apparatus as a true theoretical single plate simple distillation device operating under mean free path flow conditions (MFP) using target numbers of oil temp at 125°C nominal and pressure as reported by Pirani based vacuum sensor of ¾ to 5 microns nominal. Note that the first pass through the sublimator will see higher temperatures. The end goal is achieved typically at this temp and pressure.
First pass

Second pass

If I elect a third pass this compound will be as close to pure as I can make it. Very close until oxidation changes the structure. I likely will not go a third pass this month because this is great as is. :nerd_face:


Thank You mentor :ok_hand:


Now just a day passes and even stored under vacuum the consequence of running high purity compound is that it is subject then to rapid surface oxidation. Keeping this stuff “pure” is a fools errand methinks because at some point it must be exposed to atmosphere to dab and vape. Before I learned to store it in vacuum I would end up running my month med two more times or so to leave the red in the boiling pot and get back the clear pale yellow compound. I have learned that one or two days into the pink I tend to have a more sedate and chuckles attitude so there is a side benefit. I almost starts tasting fruity to me.

But when it begins to darken into ruby the cognitive high drops way off and the mood elevation does too. It becomes more sedate but not so much enjoyable to me.


might be just me, but it looked like I could see the color change progress during the video.

So the solvents don’t really matter that much when you are sublimating, right? Because you are ‘distilling’ the thc and leaving the rest behind…

Is that just regular ice in the cold finger or a dry ice mix?

Just regular ice from my home freezer.

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