Seaside cbd


Anyone have any experience with them? There prices are way below market , juat wondering what others have to say before i finish what all has happen to me teying to work with them


Made the mistake of buying just a bit below market once. Got a kilo of Isolate in early 2018 for $6,800 and their COA was bullshit. Our own testing came in at 89% after being tested twice when their COA said 99%. Best advice I can give is to ask to get a sample to test yourself before committing to anything. Even then, there’s always the bait and switch scam. Escrow is pretty much mandatory in this industry if you have the slightest gut feeling doubt. Common on Hemp Marketplace. I’ve never heard of these guys.


Ya he sent me there coa and jt said 100.35. So i of course questioned it and he’s really hard to understand and was trying to give me so line if bow it’s possible. They were on bere a few weeks ago offering kilo for 2500 now they want 4k and to pay thru some wierd cash app


That COA also is in a different company name if it is the same he sent to me. Run away.

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Ya its just all too shady, wierd cash apps he wants me to use. Said i could pay half now and rhen independedently test it and if i was satisfied then pay the other half. That also changed real quick, im guessing it Chinese cbd and fake coa’s. Why is it so hard to just dongood business?


Yea, I’d bet money they’re trying to fuck you with that info. GTFO. Too good to be true, almost certainly is.


I never received my order, they send it via an fake shipping company and now they don’t want give back my money. Anything i can do to them? I am not from the USA.


Credit card dispute asap


I really dont know, i tried filing a complaint and honestly didn’t know who to email so i emailed a few people and no one got back to me. Olcc is who controls permits and such in oregon maybe start there. If you get anywhere let me know they also took money from me


It was not via credit card. They asked for those strange ways or bitcoin but i said no, only banktransaction. I can provide those details, i want people like them behind bars where they belong.


Overseas wire transfers as far as i know, once there sent there gone. Try going to the bank and opening up a fraud complaint sonce they had to give there acct info you might be able to do something

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I will try that


This guy is a known fraud.