Scrub BHO

FOF has some BHO that is dark & he’d like to clean it up for some carts. it’s already been cryo winterized in ETHO and ran through a Buckner filter w/ a bed of Activated Bentonite Clay T5. It’s got a red color that we’d like to remediate w/out turning it into D8 like what i read what happened to @tetramethylsilane

Wondering what the best option moving forward would be based on using some of the powders below w/out affecting the potency?

- Activated Charcoal Decolorizing T1 
- Celite® 545 Diatomaceous Earth -
- Color Bleach T-41- 
- Activated Bentonite Clay T5 - 
- Silica 60A -
- Activated Alumina 
- 50/50 Activated Charcoal Activated Hardwood Carbon -
- CELPURE® P1000 
- Natural Bentonite Clay B80 for Bleaching & Decolorizing Oil -
- Sigma-Aldrich Clay Bleach Mineral (Fuller's Earth) 
- Uniform Carbon Pre-Washed 
- Citric Acid - pH Down  & Sodium Bicarbonate - pH Up

10 grams in 250 mil ETHO

Redisolve in butane run treu b80 crc teck method
With some silica 60 on top
Or a warm scrub with t41 then ad solvent filter and purge


Have u tried loading into a cart.

That will be yellow AF

O wait it’s in ethanol in the pic?

Is this going to go to SPD or WFE?

It’s sitting in ethanol at the moment. Ive dewaxed it and ran through t1 bentonite clay w a Buckner filter and vac.

Im looking for an ethanol scrub to get the red out.

Neither. Just trying to clean it up via an ethanol scrub in a Buckner filter.

It’s in ethanol now so I can’t redissolve at the moment. Was hoping for etoh scrub advice.

Been following the etoh CRC thread but I feel like it moved to pentane and hexane vs etoh.

What Micron size is your filter and name brand? Or you just using powders… Was your etho cleaned before this and stripped to at least 190 proof?

Ok then it s time for the @Akoyeh formula
Make a pick of your best activated carbon and t5
And DE as filter media
Run the solution treu that same puck like 3 times might be lucky get yellow


I’m not sure I’d call that red

It’s looking waaaaaaay better!!! thanks @Roguelab & everyone who chimed in. love this community!

I did an active charcoal T1 room temp scrub for 15 min to that batch. (note, this batch was cryo dewaxed in 190 ETOH)

Than filtered 3 times on same bed of b80 and celite 545 layered w 25 micro wanaman filters. I then scrapped the top and adding a little to the puck.

Here are some pics of the progress for your viewing pleasure. Thanks everyone! Yall rock.


In your opinion & experience how would you describe the color? more amber or brown?

Should i try T5 next time vs T1? I’m looking to do more experiments :slight_smile:

25 micron wanaman filters
Tried stacking powders but the kinds mixed a little making the puck.
It’s 190 etoh. Def trying to avoid water as much as possible due to its discoloration affects over time
Was thinking about trying 200 proof I do not have experience w it.

I am not familiar with T1 so Maybe our etho crc man can chime in
@Akoyeh @Renchi @Thetetraguy

Yeah I prefer doing scrubs with both T5 bentonite clay and Activated charcoal. (I think T1 is just how BVV brands AC)
My CRC column has been (from bottom to top)
(3/8)T5 clay, (1/8) silica, (2/8) B80, (1/8) activated Alumina, (1/8) 10a Mol Sieve.
I’ll filter through 3 times. It slows down significantly once it gets halfway through the first time.
I’ve never really gotten great results on the oil itself when it comes out, but helps ALOT when I distill. I’m going to try switching to a pure T5 column after the first pass through the “CRC” column


Yeah, the weird thing is everyone gets to the finish line using different powders and amounts. I feel that degumming it actually has more effect on removing the red, although it might still be amber in volume.

Honestly the best looking carts were just using t5, t41 and hardwood activated carbon (t1? ). I’m using alumina too now. I stopped using silica with etho cause it dissolves in etho and I’ve seen it in the roto bf like a mineral deposit.

I’m not sure what the best way to go about it is. But if you haven’t added degumming to your preprocess you prob would want to do that.


That’s why I’ve been seeing more “ghosting” on my glass lately, didnt know silica did that, thank you


Yes I agree that silica60 is a tough cookie to keep out of end products
Reason I am stepping away from using silica60
I also notice this on bho runs
If your biomass and gas are not bone bone dry I suspect silica60 to end up in the end product

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Yeah, it should be addressed by the industry. Honestly I haven’t seen it make it’s way through the spd, but now that a lot of us are moving towards other types of concentrates I feel it quite important to be aware of.

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