Screw Press for Ethenol/Crude Recovery

looking to see what the community is doing, or think about using the Vincent Corporation screw press. pro’s and con’s? looking for any information to help. Thanks in advance.


One thing I’ve learned in my research to moving to ethanol is a screw press or something like that breaks down the cell walls and will allow a lot of green material and other compounds into your ethanol. I’ll be using a panda /centrifuge for my recovery of biomass ethanol


@Eastcoaststrange nailed it. Stay away from presses if there is anyway for you to avoid it. A centrifuge is definitely the way to go. The panda is awesome, if you’re wanting something a bit more professional hit up @cyclopath


Spin spin sugar!

My panda dragon


Thanks everyone, yea everything i have read is pointing me in that direction. i am looking to go through about 1,000lbs of biomass a day so i believe the panda is a little to small but i havent researched it yet.

@cyclopath do you think you could lead me in the right direction?

I go round in circles :wink:

have you found our Ethanol Extraction White Paper yet?

screw presses certainly work, but they are not the ideal solution imo

the Ace30 has a nominal throughput of about 960lb in an 8hr shift (30lb/20min). whole bunch of other gear needed as well. Most of which will be required however you decide to skin the cat.

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Where are the white pandas

Why they hating on hexane though Haha. I’d use their press if it could handle hexane

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Screw press will also put a lot of very fine particles in the system, can be extra effort to filter them out

I have 2 in my spot.

Really loving the lid mod!

Aka removing the lid? It actually sucks- spits way too much mist into the air- useful to be able to remove the cover for fast loading and unloading but keep the lid handy

I took her down with a soldering iron.

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Think you meant to type 60 lbs in an hour shift?

meant “960lb nominal in an 8hr shift. 30lb/20min”

edited above.

How do you get that number? 30 x 3 x 8=720

shit! no idea. that’s what I get for listening to my marketing department.

960lb is with a 15min run time!!!

I apparently mentioned I thought I could get it down there and somebody ran with it.

that’s 720lb/ 8hr shift based on my current data, but I’ll double check our actual run times and update.


What happens when your volumes get really large, does spin dry lose efficiency or does it scale the same as screw press? Is spin dry as effective as screw press?

interesting topic

They make continuous centrifuges with similar designs to screw presses as well. They are called decanter centrifuges. They actually can achieve much higher g force than the batch spinners too.

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I tried to source a decanter centrifuge but couldn’t find a small enough scale one for my needs. Wanted to pull water from terps in it.
I forgot about continuous fuges!