Scored a couple dusty ole timers

Scored a welch 1402 duo seal and an Edward’s speedivac es35 for super cheap. Guy said they were used at his old work place for mass spec.

Both came with thermocouplers, and the 1402 with a make shift exhaust filter.

1hr drive each way, my gas cost the same as what I scored these for.

I ran the Edwards, i haven’t wired and tested the 1402. Anyone shed any light on the es35? I did a quick search and didn’t really find anything


Have you stuck a vacuum gauge to them to see how low they will go. I scored a few alcatel 2021i off eBay. I plan to rebuild them one by one but I grabbed 3 for $600 shipped.


I’ll pull a vac tomorrow and test. I have to rewire the 1402

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How did your testing go?

I got my bullseye the other day and finally got my vacuum parts in I ordered. I bought numerous kf25 fittings just so I could figure out how I wanted to run things.

I didn’t realize how much oil my pumps were gonna take for flushing and testing. But I got one done yesterday.

My pump with oil no flushing yesterday got down to 19 micron which I think would be fine for my 500ml short path setup I’m building. I filled with 100% grade 19 oil then 2x 50/50 oil/kerosene flushes for an hour each like @Soxhlet instrusted in vacuum pump maintenance thread. Then another fill with 100% oil again and flushed. I finally filled with oil and ran again and I’m pulling 6-7 mircons which the pumps says 6 micron is the ultimate vacuum on these.

Hope your having some success that way too. :beers:


I’ll be able to do a test on the Edward’s. Still need to rewire the 1402. Been slammed with garden duties.

How do you like your digivac? Sure is $, I’m hoping worth the money.

The only reason I bought the bullseye is cause i didn’t want to start guessing about vacuum leaks and stuff as I chose to go with Chinese glass. I’m gonna test all the joints with helium. I’m hoping between the helium and bullseye I can make sure I have optimal vacuum for running the short path.

Oh and usalab gave me a discount on some of the glassware I bought with combination with the gauge. I asked for a discount on the gauge and they said they had no wiggle room BUT they had some on their glassware so they hooked me up on some glassware so it really worked out well.


That guage is sweet. I tend to scour eBay for the used 30 Ashcroft digital vac guages when they pop up lol.


Hey good job brother!:clinking_glasses:


It’s cause people like you giving all us the shortcuts and tips! Thanks man. This project is way ahead of we’re it’s suppose to be cause of you. Certainly owe you a drink homie!



You must be local along with a few other of us on here. I got my 5l rotovap and my 2l SPD from them. A few other odds n ends online.

That’s the only reason why I bought the bullseye. Newbie distiller and I dont want to chase leaks either. I already have a bottle helium from my kids bday party last yr.


No I’m in the dirty dirty south. Just needed a few pieces of glass and emailed them and asked for a discount. What’s the worse thing they can say is no… they didn’t but we’re all in the same boat man. Glad we’re all on this path together. Adventures are better in a group than alone!