Scientific 710 Hydraulic Column Packer / Unpacker


Hello GLG!

We are receiving VERY good feedback from our current Iron Fist (extraction column loader / unloader) clients. Our clients are typically putting around 20%-100% more material into each column, processing with solvent (typically hydrocarbon), then unloading with the push of a button.

Because our units are capable of producing a controllable amount of force, up to 12,000 Lbs, the material is pressed into the column uniformly and tightly which assists in preventing solvent channeling. Channeling typically occurs when material is packed loosely and/or unevenly as the solvent finds pockets and takes the path of least resistance. We have solutions for anyone running 3" to 12" diameter columns and up to 72" in length, free standing and/or rack mounted.

From the feedback we’ve received so far, and our own R&D, we have not seen any reduction in percent yields. Any increase in solvent flow time, due to the additional biomass, is dependent on many factors which vary from client to client and can often be mitigated. Overall, the benefits in time savings and production drastically outweigh any increase in solvent flow times.

We are helping individuals and companies stay competitive by increasing production and lab safety, while reducing labor including those operating in C1D1 spaces. Individuals tasked with packing and unpacking columns can still do so but because the time requirement is reduced, they can now be more productive in other parts of the process.

We understand this method is a new concept and welcome any questions, testimonials, etc. We understand our claims are far fetched which is why our approach is to offer free on-site demos. We feel it’s one of those too good to be true concepts you really have to see to believe.

We are a company with 5 years of BHO/PHO extraction experience. The owner, Clancy, holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with experience in several other industries who’s true passion is in solving problems in the cannabis space. He started as a grower in 1996 and the rest is history. We machine, fabricate, and assemble in-house at our facility in Hillsboro, OR.

Thank you for your time, we are very honored to be a part of this crew. We take pride in offering accurate information and innovative solutions wherever we see room for improvement.

Scientific 710

Unloading Fresh Frozen - 6" X 36" -40C Jacketed Column

Unloading a 4" X 60" Column

Cannot find old post- guy made machine to empty material columns

I can testify to the excellent build quality of this unit, and the overall hygienic design of every component, setting the bar higher for cannabis specific equipment that is forward compliant with cGMP, OSHA and other standards. The Scientific710 crew are top notch folks!


Thanks for the love and support!! Much appreciated!


If the numbers are correct it should be a good system to incorporate. Do you guys have any videos of the packing/emptying from start to finish?


I’ve been doing this with a make shift press and a motorcycle jack


holy shit im a caveman


We do. We made some super budget videos at our shop. The videos give a rough idea of the concept, how it works, etc. We’ll have some better quality ones coming soon. We do some lifting of the hydraulic cylinders in these videos but please note we offer solutions for all processes where there is no lifting of the cylinder at all. Thank you!


That’s awesome! We’ve gone through several methods to accomplish the task as well, including things like screw jacks, etc. At first it was all good but then we really started to see the value of doing it quick and easy when we were doing it 5 times a day or often more. The screw jack was still better than the blisters I used to get from using a wooden dowel though, LOL.

Getting the additional material in and saving so much time is really where the Iron Fist pays for itself.


My wooden dowel is yrs old.


Your dowel is probably black like mine was then. What I miss most about the dowel was the hash that would build up on the end of it from pounding material. Scrape that off… mmmmm. Then get more. Used to call it Dowel Hash, lol. It made the blisters a little more worth it.


i never thought about smoking the dark mess on the end of my dowel… I think ill stick to what comes out of the tube…haha


My material must be alot dryer, i dont have very much of that.


we were using a small canoe paddle at one point for 6" columns :tired_face:


First time I heard that one, lol. What are you using now?


probably the first time youre going to hear this as well. we use a custom CLS and the material vat has a 12" triclamp lid, so we just dump into the vat out of garbage bags and pack lightly with a stick. unpacking, there is another cap on the bottom of the vat (12" as well) and we basically poke it out from the top out the bottom into a 100gal res. we dont have the head space to use a unit like your column loader.


Understood. Well let us know if you ever want us to come by and pack one for you to try, no strings. Not sure where you are but we frequent Southern Oregon to Seattle area. We do demos all over US but the west coast is obviously more cost effective for us since we’re located near Portland OR. We’re always game.

Out of curiosity, what length is your 12" and how much material do you typically put in if you don’t mind?


mine hangs in an office.


This works great for unpacking! When they say 50 to 100% more , just be forewarned that is based off of loose packing. If you pack like a beast, don’t try and fit more in with this! We were packing 10# in a 6x36 column, and then tried to increase it with the IF to 15 and it is like trying to pass solvent through a dura log (compressed sawdust for fire places). Unfortunately, I got the wrong length, so if anyone wants to take a 48” so I can swap out for a 36 hum, I cant pack like they do in the video I have no real way to grave how far my oversized rod is going


So if I’m packing 6-6.5 #'s in my 4x48’s and use the IF to increase to 9 #'s your saying the solvent is super restricted, correct? Thats one on the things i was wondering about when packing so tight. :thinking:


I had the same thought on that also

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