Sciencemadness invites?

Not that this forum isn’t great, but I’ve been trying to get on SM for awhile now too. I tried messaging texium, the only member contact I could find, but haven’t heard back for some time. Anyone here got a hook up over there for reggies since it’s disabled on their site an invite only?

I’d be interested as well.


Nice lets bump it up. I bet someone here has the hook up to a reggy invite



If you wish to register an account here, send email to [gfxlist at] or [science at] requesting to be registered. Include your desired account name. An administrator will manually complete the registration for you and email back your new password. Any person with interest can register! We welcome absolute beginners and we welcome professionals and everyone in between. The only thing we ask is enthusiasm for science.

This user may be able to assist your pursuits


oooo whats this

XD don’t send me down a rabbit hole! :3

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Fixed those weird fucking links of yours


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It was purposeful… So no random crawler would take and spam those addresses…


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Yeah i don’t care.