Science and Process AMA Threads

Would there be any interest in creating threads for process diagnosis (AMA) and science (AMA)? Could we put together an effort to keep these threads answered to the best of our ability? Of course, basic search and research would be expected prereqs before a question could/should be posed to either thread. I feel like there are a million rabbit holes currently and these two threads could really help. Any I entirely too high? At least I put this in Meta…:joy::joy::joy:

American Motorcyclist Association?

pretty sure we have a fast bike thread :wink:


Ask Me Anything :joy: I think it would be cool if we had volunteers to contribute on a “as convenient” basis. The “panel” should/could feel free to not answer questions and/or tell posters that their question has previously been answered and they should do their part. But a constructive science thread and a constructive process thread. Seems like it could clean up a bunch of the wild questions. Just a thought…I’ll keep smoking on it…:joy:

makes a lot more sense than the all knowing ones first suggestion.

MD’s and “process diagnosis” makes even less sense than current science does to most MD’s in my experience.

Dr Dr’s are the exception there, but every one of those I’ve run into has been so strangely wired that actually discussing science with them was still pretty difficult. Not that I get to talk shit about “strangely wired” :wink:

I thought “cannabussiness” was the Ask Dr Carolyn of future42k

Edit: that link is on the order of 15yrs old. Dr Carolyn got her PhD a couple of years after I did.


I’m into the idea of having a reddit-type “Ask me Anything” so basically this comment is just a bump…

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those paying close attention may have noticed that there is a @cyclopath around here who will answer almost any question he runs into…

I can’t help it.

I suspect it was the drugs I took as a child :wink:


Just post it here


that will catch some of them.

I like their ethos:

Please show that you’ve at least attempted the problem. We don’t mind helping you solve problems, but we are ethically opposed to doing homework for you. Just pasting the question and leaving the forum in a hope someone will post the solution will not work – miracles don’t happen. Showing what you did indicates to us what you know and where you got stuck, and that helps us help you.

If you want to help others, help them learn – don’t do their homework, but guide them to the answer suggesting applicable laws or equations, or give hints to put them on the right track. You will soon learn that seeing someone arriving at the correct solution under your guidance is much more rewarding than showing how bright you are by giving the final answer.

but suspect that their first rule is going to rule out most of the questions we get here

don’t discuss drugs nor explosives synthesis or preparation,


There is always where you can read about life after detonation.


Have a section of the forum called “The spoon drawer”.


This was an insane and shocking read. Thanks for sharing @blackie


I’m not suggesting spoon feeding at all. We are at the very beginning now. Soon all of this will become it’s own field that requires years of education to jump in.

I can just see where threads for high level questions, those that would require reading/experimenting for months or longer, could be useful.

Not consults or spoon feeding just short answers to very short, direct, and advanced questions

Ya holy shit… I wonder how long it took him to type that out with his hook


That takes me back. I havent thought about that forum since inorganic.