Schumer introduces draft of Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act for public comment

Dispensaries like NETA engaged in this practice are still generating a ton of waste. Issues concerning cannabis packaging waste need to be highlighted here in MA, the CCC’s Guidance on Cannabis Waste Management Requirements really only prioritizes biomass. A sentence pointing out MassDEP’s Recycling Program website just doesn’t cut it.


Every dispensary in MA needs to start a system where they can make sure they can reclaim and reuse the bottles. Machines to strip labels and starting a sterile processing/central processing division is a good idea to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Maybe making it a manditory rule where you must redact information on bottles and if you peel the labels before you recycle you get points towards your next purchase.

Massachusetts can do it!!! I know it!!! It needs to incentivize the customers to want to recycle back to the dispensary.

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The plastics they have for the discreet packaging like those envelopes that they use to let the customer carry everything out that you gotta rip it apart I forget the name of them but I hate them I just use scissors, is thick and a lot of the foil packaging is not as biodegradable and thick too which is why we need to look into cellulose based plastics that have a quicker degradation rate and are a little thinner plastic.

My homie Peter would come over everyday for a dub sack. He would say “it’s straight I don’t need a bag” and then put the herb in the cellophane plastic from his fresh pack of Newports. He even had a cool little trick where he would burn it with a lighter and it would seal lmao.

This is a bit off topic though…


Lol using printed cellophane that people would use hot irons to seal. Good one :sweat_smile: no that’s not what I had in mind. I was just thinking a more biodegradable plastic or thinner plastic.

Used to do that for unfinished joints and roaches too and put them back in the cigarette pack to try and hide the smell.


We both know that’ll never happen.

They’ve seen the money.

To be fair, folks didn’t give a fuck about patients in the prob 215 days EITHER.

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That’s a very general statement with little evidence. I do think lab testing for pesticides is awesome and I don’t remember it back then. Lab tests are cool. Taxes and red tape is not cool


States rights as a small business owner and operator. F*ck the feds. That is all.


Holy Shit! Is there any other consumer good with a tax rate this high?

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States handle these and others.

OP referring to uncle sam

Further, that’s just fed tax! States want that meaty meaty tax income too so they can “justify it” for whatever message they want to try to tell voters so they think they care.

This won’t pass, but if it does, rest assured it sounds just like the kind of grubby solution the federal government would work out.

Not even any protections for home growing. To me that should be fundamental. A sacrifice of going the “soft” option and leaving state legalization to the states. But one would think a soft approach federally would mean proportionately small taxes, hmm? Nah, of course not.

It’s like: the solution has always been clear, a legal market that isn’t oppressed too heavily, will remove the need for a black market. But if you wanna get rid of bm don’t double dip your tax rates so hard. For already legal states this just means price increases to the consumer, what does that lead to, logically?

Its like combatting piracy, people generally would like to go the legal route, as long as it provides the best service. If your legal route is sufficiently shittier than the BM of course the BM is gonna thrive.

Man, I felt like giving a rant after a day at work, is all.

Worst part is, I’d still be happier with this bill if it passed, than not. But it doesn’t take much to see the issues and realize that it’s shitty and since it’s the feds we’d be stuck with the shit for decades.


Cigarettes and gasoline … maybe electricity, phone service

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I’m all for actual legalization not just decriminalization (after all how else.are we going to finally get banking cleared up)? Of course just applying an arbitrary 25% tax on state programs is insane.


Bro they didn’t have film when they built iron sides… In 1796-97. The newly federated states were heavily reliant on hemp, definitely not trying to kill hemp at that point. That came after the popularization of steam power maybe 30 - 40 years later.

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Oh well then fuck where I heard that from

And sorry for spreading misinformation, if this was 16days ago I’d be editing those to delete but… Alas those days are over.:octopus::clown_face:

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schumer is gross to hear speak. Hes on prescriptions that makes his mouth sticky and he has to peel his lips apart when he speaks/ its gross.

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I know people who still put it in a cig pack, I dont smoke cigs and its gross and ruins it.

Wow this bill is complete dogshit wrapped in a nice social justice veneer to try and sell it. It’s really cute how they’re trying to peddle that a 50% tax reduction (in what exactly? seriously, I didn’t click his tweet) is going to stop Chad from ravaging everyone. I’m sure the fucking R&D department for all these socially disadvantaged businesses is gonna be able to handle it.

Another provision would mandate that FDA create a program to “expedite the development and review of applications for drugs containing cannabis that are manufactured by a small businesses owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals that operate in the cannabis industry.”

This sounds hilarious. Does that mean I get to mix up whatever shit cocktail I want and send it to the FDA?