Schumer introduces draft of Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act for public comment

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Keep your dirty federal hands out of cannabis.

Deschedule it and fuck off - the government has already profited enough off of the drug war, we don’t need you taking more money out of our pockets.


second that


My input is for the government to; Allow the registered independent sale of cannabis: I. E. As long as you are a registered cannabis sales person under [your] states cannabis commission as an Independent Cannabis Sales Service and only able to provide tested product in sterile pre-weighed and pre-packaged containers. The sales must be be recorded physically or digitally (or both depending on your state) and all sales must be reported to the IRS for tax purposes.

I don’t sell at all, I’m purely hobbist but if I was able to be a registered independent cannabis sales person I would.

I also want the home grow limit to be 50 per person, no burnt cannabis as probable cause at traffic stops, home extraction allowed but with a license and that license must be renewed yearly as well as updates with a local fire Marshall and the Marshall must co-sign annually.

I guess I want personal freedoms that come with presented paperwork that prove you’re not an idiot to operate.


Finally the government is here to save us all


I’m sorry I gotta toss this meme out here 266no1

Google Images: we’re here to bring democracy meme


Looks like a live photo of the New Orleans’ mayor and police chief going door to door asking if homeowners have guns after Katrina

Strike these words from the law books:
Cannabis. Marijuana. Marihuana.


Anything short of unrestricted, non-taxed free trade of cannabis between Americans is government overreach.


Idk, I could do without myclo and all the other bullshit people were/are using in unregulated Cannabis for years


Nice this seems promising! Be great to finally being able to talk about what benefits products have.

You guys will like the addition of CBD as a dietary supplement - and that cannabis would be added to the FD&C Act. You’re more prepared for that than most MED/REC operations.

There’s less than a 1% chance of this passing, but some of the large parts (international import, high excise taxes, etc) will likely stay.


Why not just allow bulk sales, let the customer bring their own jar. Something needs to be done about the wastefulness that is cannabis packaging


I can go to breweries with my own growler, in my state you must bring your own bag to the grocery store, bars only give out paper straws… seems like it would be a no-brainer to be able to fill your own / reuse packaging.


A gradual federal tax rate would be imposed on marijuana sales, starting at 10 percent for the first year after the bill’s enactment and the first, subsequent calendar year. Then it would be increased annually, rising from 15 percent to 20 percent to 25 percent. Starting in the fifth year post-enactment, the tax would be a “per-ounce or per-milligram of THC amount determined by the Secretary of thxe Treasury equal to 25 percent of the prevailing price of cannabis sold in the United States in the prior year.”
rough pill to swallow, feds about to be making more $ than the growers


On top of state tax!


Yeah, fuck legalization.

It’s just gonna green light the government to go after anyone and everyone.


Can we just bring back prop 215 sb 420.

Anything beyond that is for the chads


I understand that the jar and weigh in front of you is a market scheme. A dispensary called NETA in Brookline weighs it out in front of you like a deli. Not in a glass jar but in a regular container.

I do think that the use of glass should be more widespread. Glass is way more recyclable than plastic and plastic polymers.


Remember how they killed the hemp farmer? Historically they taxed them so much they couldn’t grow and then had the audacity to call upon the American hemp farmers to grow hemp for the sail of Old Ironside. The film reel that recruited said hemp farmers was titled Hemp for Victory, which Jack Herer famously helped resurface. Which I’ve said this before if you go to Boston harbor and visit old Ironside they’ll claim to the death that the original sail was not made of American Hemp.