Scalable SOP for 99.7% CBD crystals?

I am trying to find the best process for producing 99.7% CBD from Crude at large scale, around 20 Kg/hr.

My thought was:

  1. Ethanol Winterization
  2. Filtering/Charcoal Scrub
  3. Ethanol Recovery evap
  4. First Wiped Film Pass, remove terps and as much THC as possible
  5. Second Wiped Film Pass, vaporize CBD from heavies
  6. Reverse phase chromatography with Eth/Water
  7. Dehydrate with Mol seive to remove water
  8. Recovery ethanol to obtain near pure CBD

This is the best I can think of that would not use a CPC machine, and the client would prefer not to use hexane/heptane via the columbo labs method.

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Step 4 you mention removal of thc from cbd crude with a wfe, this process wont be able to seporate them.
Watch for isomerazation when processing cbd crude, you can inenvertanly make thc. You have a gc to test the product?


I see a lot of people distilling first before chromatography or even crystallization to make isolate. What is the purpose of distilling if you’re going to have to use crystallization or chromatography anyway to remove THC and other non-target compounds? Is it simply to raise the CBD content of the extract to facilitate easier separation?

Your reverse phase idea will get you absoutely no where in terms of volume when trying to isolate cbd at >99%.

I think distilling not only makes a more refined CBD but also guarantees a full decarb

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i read it would help to remove the terps before chromatography, so pherhaps only one WFE step would be called for.

i was afraid of this, what process can be used to isolate the CBD without using hexane/heptane at scale?

Why do you not want to use those solvents?

client request for toxicity, residual solvent reasons

How easy is it to inadvertently make THC from CBD have you found? I’m running a wiped film as well, have an in-house Orange Photonics box for testing with an HPLC coming eventually.

Orange photonics is a decent paper weight if you are wanting it to measure accurately

My process leaves non detectable levels of ALL solvents


That’s why we’re getting in-house HPLC :sweat_smile: Mentioned it just because it’s all I have at the moment.

In house hplc… nice i hope you all can run it efficiently!

Orange photonics has a decent return policy i suggest you return it lol!!!

I have consulted 2 companies to get their money back and both did successfully!!

Well, that’s not good :confused: Just received it in the last two days. Mostly wanted it to be able to field test flower just to be sure. Does it not even seem worth that?

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Its okay for that reason but i dont think its worth it but then again i have never personally bought one i just remember them handing me a check for about $1000 bucks because i can set up deals where I charge 10% for the amount of money I save companies in the industry. Soooooo idk if you test flower that often it may be worth to get medicore data points

What’s your method for separating THC from CBD?

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sorry, but I do not even sell that information…yet :frowning:

I am developing a new process that will be better so i may end up selling the one I use now in the not so far off future.

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Do you ever just add the terp fraction from the wiped film with the CBD fraction of the wiped film and crystalize with temp cycling?

No that sounds like incoherent nonsense