Save your money on overpriced crc media and just get this

25 bucks for 50 lbs at my local fees store…Yes I understand it’s just DE but why the fuck aren’t more people using this instead of all the other bullshit? Nothing else besides this in my crc and I’m doing 20+ lb runs and it’s coming out super nice. Thank me later. :wink:

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Probably because DE is not really the best choice for an all encompassing media.

Also because most people like their solvent to flow and not get plugged up in a cake of DE.


I don’t use any DE
I do realize that buying from other places is cheaper though, I’m going to try kitty litter next week, it’s cheap as fuck and bentonite clay, don’t know how it’s gonna work with the the bigger chunks but I will try

Mine flows quite well…


Nope, nuh-uh, kind of not okay muh dude.

Yes it’s the same thing, but it’s not the same thing, standard lab DE is screened for specific size and porosity, this is just a bag of DE and you do not know or have standardized characteristics from it.

You could end up with a higher likelihood of unwanted micro particulate in it.


I wanna hear your thinky thoughts on this.

(Although your opinion may cause people to write scathing threads about you.)


So risqué this afternoon…


That’s my dog and he’s spent a lotta money with me on adsorbents. He might be onto something. :man_shrugging:t3:

I wouldn’t be recommending to my clients but this is open source and I wouldn’t tell anyone not to try it as a sample.

I’ve sold tons and I mean metric tons of Celite in the past


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I mean, I could use the flattery.

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Not his opinion. His systematic abuse of his peers.

#impeachkilla #impeachqma

I would never fault a person for their opinion.

I personally suggest avoiding DE at all. Kinda a useless filtration aid in my experience, but I run cold.


I will second this.


Aww man, I wasn’t trying to beat this drum, I haven’t honestly gone through that thread, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the personal squabbles, (admittedly just kind of skimming lately). Kind of the same boat, not here to break apart your opinion or belittle your experience.

Just airing concerns as anyone else, and I wanted to at least raise awareness to possible uh-oh’s here in this arena as you have yours.

Sorry if it sounded like I was demeaning to your complaints my dude.

Hope you guys can come to a sorted term.

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DE is used to filter a ton of shit in the real world. I was just experimenting today…it did a lot better than I expected with zero constipation. I’m gunna keep using it.


It probably all comes from the same supplier, but when it comes to the grading process and secondary processes, I dunno, admittedly would love to skim a bit over that.

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DE can work as a depth filter/filter aid, but is is not an adsorbent like “CRC media” is. It will only stop particulates, not remove any colors or smells.

Celite is DE that has been graded and standardized to a particular particle size depending on which grade you purchase. This makes for a more uniform matrix, and less fines that need to be washed through in the prep phase.


That’s what my thought train eluded to, but concisely put @BigM

When you’re looking at grades through filtration companies I always just figured that had to do with size of the particulate, size of the particulate would allow (I figure) for some level of specific size/particulate removal, and allowing the DE to basically “hold” possible unwantables in place.

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Here’s a little screenshot from this very informative literature on Celite:


That’s a neat page from a handy dandy notebook right there.


that low grade on top of a higher grade bed?