Sauce coming in insanely hot

Hey there,
I did some searching, but have not really been able to find any info regarding this. I made a couple batches of diamonds and sauce, the diamonds it seems like I can get to pass residual solvents no problem. The sauce however keeps coming back insanely high in butane (11000-13000 ppm) this is after having said sauce in vacuum oven at full vac, about 75F or so for a week straight. How am I still obtaining these kinds of numbers? Does butane get trapped into the sauce a lot easier? I get batches of live resin to pass residuals no problem, what am I missing here?

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Do you have the chromatograms from the RSA tests? Can we see the peaks?

Crank that heat up and get the butane moving. That’s my guess. Also, are you purging the sauce in a jar in your oven or spread out on a pan? Maybe you need to widen the surface area for it to properly purge.


purge with as thin of film possible.


I can ask them for them. Not sure if they’ll provide though

They’re in a pan but it’s a smaller pan so it’s still quite thick. I was going to thin them out more today, any suggestion on what temp I should try?

90f is good starting place. I’d thin it out for sure, at those ppm levels you probably want to purge at least 12-24 hours if not more.

I barely purge my sauce it’s not that difficult to remove butane even with low temps like 75f.

How does the sauce behave when you dab it? Does it look and sound like fireworks are going off? Does it taste like tane?

I’m a human lab test I just dab it. If it fails testing I purge it some more.

Keep the cap on and put the jar in a warm 90-100f oven to fractionate the solution. Let the solution chill a bit then pop the lid and purge. The butane should be at the top given that pure n tane has a boiling point of 30f / 0c


I’m in a state that unfortunately has 10ppm residual solvents to pass for a COA. I’m at the hands of the lab that I sent the stuff off to and cannot consume on site unfortunately


Damn that sucks that would be a dealbreaker for me working somewhere lol. Perks of the job. A 5 star chef always tastes the soup before he/she sends it out!


Is this wrong? Cause this is all I can think of…


10ppm? That is gonna loose you a fair amount of terps in the process.


I agree i definitely notice way more terp loss trying to get that last 100 out, getting to 100ppm with minimal loss is usually super easy, that last 100 is usually a tight rope where i have to baby it a little to not lose terps, but im consistently around zero without problems CO elevation probably makes my job easier. I haven’t worked at sea level though.

Here’s a Presentation on Mass Transfer

The thickness of the “liquid” layer directly influences the diffusion of captured gasses. @downtheterphole nailed it.

Physically thin out whatever you’re putting in the oven and more tane comes out. Leave it in a big ass jar and it might take infinite time to degas your product.


11,000 ppm sounds gnarly


What state? Ca?