Sauce Cartridge

So I have seen that a lot of companies are now carrying sauce cartridges… Does anyone know the process to turning your wax or sauce into a oil that can be used in the cartridge? do they just use wax liquidizer? Any info will help…

Seems you’ve got some reading to do…

start with the search feature: Search results for 'diluent' - Future4200

then I suggest Only The Strong sauce tek

you might also explore “wax” Search results for 'dewaxing' - Future4200

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Seems to be a lil harder than that, and I don’t think a company would ever use something wax liquidizer ( I tried don’t like any of the instant

But as far as live cartridge, what did it look like? The actual vape liquid… This would help figure out what they might be using,
although I can’t imagine they would be using live, that’s almost disgrace! I was trying to do at first till I realize no big company does, some may idk why…

Best thing to use, distalles or winterized material with cannabis terpenes… They offer couple cutting terpenes but I really don’t know how I feel about anything other than cannabis terps for cutting agent…

But only thing I could ever get to work with live was wax liquidizer type things, leaves plastic taste if hit to hard, good luck

Now I used winterized material or THC isolates, decarbbed under vac, then add terpenes at the end for the flavor to come back hard…

Remember, I started my quest looking for how to process live, this is where I’m at to get dispensary quality
… But knowing what they looked like could really help, cloudy yellow not see thru clear, or golden clear all same, swirls lol…

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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The best device I’m seeing in this market for suace with out to much dilution is this pod.

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How are they mixing though, what’s the diluent

If he’ll post pic or tell what the oil looks like it’ll help

Most live resin sauce carts that I have seen are just the HTFSE fraction of sauce. I think there is a thread on this forum talking about mixing distillate or decarboxylated shatter with the HTFSE to thicken it up as well.

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That’s what I was thinking they was using

If it is clear golden they are using a dewax at cryo at least

For sure some companies are using leftover terps from BHO crystallization and mixing it with distillate. That stuff tastes utterly fantastic in my opinion.


So HTFSE , made from dried and cured?

What’s the live version of that called …

The pods looks from ours’?

yes this is your VHIGH pod. So far this pod is one of the better options for sauce i’ve seen out

…how are y’all getting live sauce In carts. Completely dewaxed live then more terps?
I always had trouble when trying