Sanitary stainless welder looking to start making extraction equipment

I am a sanitary stainless steel welder by trade and have been kicking around the idea of trying to make a few extraction systems. Can anyone give me some input or point me in the right direction on how to build a properly functioning extractor?


Someone with your skills can be incredibly valuable, but no one is going to just hand you the keys to the kingdom. You will need to read and decide what direction you want to go and what you would feel comfortable working on. Search the various TEKs and SOPs and check out the CRC thread.

If you ask more specific questions, you will get higher quality and quantity of responses.



Thank you for the response. I’ve looked at most of the available extractors on the market and could reproduce them all pretty easily. They are all pretty simple to make and I understand the function of it. Was more so looking for the science behind the extractor itself.

I’m guessing you are talking about hydrocarbon extractions?

Where are you located? I need someone I can spend some time with in person and get hands on a little to help fab some ideas up.


The gap in the extraction builds that is lacking at the moment is
Evaporation /condensing of gas at the moment
The big brands have created falling film evaporators and no one has smaller sized ones
Also smaller falling film evaporators for ethanol or other solvents might be worth looking into


I am in the process of making a 12gph ffe with completely off ththe shelf statesided parts

I’ll share my design with the op so he can re produce it

Diaphragm pump in vacuum out crude and alcohol


That would be awesome
I am convinced such a unit is very welcome

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I am making my own chiller too lol 16hp chiller made from window ac units

I’m going full cheapo on this, once said and done it’ll be cheaper then my 10L roto from ai but I did buy a welch pump and polyscience chiller for it


I agree a 6gph falling film would be an amazing idea.

Got a few filter designs & extraction designs dm me @kokaynedawkinz well make some shit

One of these jacketed with a sideport…kinda like a merge of these two

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I’ll hand you the keys to my proprietary equipment designs if you make me the prototypes at cost or cheap and work with me to get the stuff ready for distribution and sale- got some pretty awesome gear lined up- anything not super specific and of my design eg reactors and whatnot I’ll gladly pay fair price for.