Salve Recipe THC/CBD

Hello there,

Can someone provide a recipe for making a THC/CBD-infused salve for muscle pain and arthritis? I’m interested in creating a topical remedy for myself and would appreciate any guidance on the ingredients and the preparation process.

I’m looking to incorporate distilled THC to enhance the potency of the salve.

I’ve noticed that some salves available in the market haven’t been effective for me, so I’m seeking a more potent solution. If there are any tips or specific ingredients to maximize potency, I would greatly appreciate your insights.


You could go old school …

Have you read

Or any of the other threads where this subject has been explored?


i can answer for you, no, they didn’t look at all and were just expecting someone to hand over an SOP for a product worth some nice $$$ if its as effective as the OP wishes.


Hi, i understand, thanks anyways!