Saline wash bho

I’ve always wanted to try this but lack enough free time. I think a column on a rack with a sightglass on the bottom would be all you need.(bizzybee style) Load your solvent straight after dewax, add water and blow n2 from the bottom to mix. After separating for 15 or so minutes start draining the water and you should be able to see the emulsion layer in the sightglass. Any thoughts or recommendations?

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the n2 could aerosolize some terpenes in a pseudo steam distillation kinda effect. if ur trying to separate ur terpenes u could probably do it in this step. maybe even just by heating n2. or u could use absorbents after saline wash. or use ph modifiers during ur saline washes to pull more waster solubles out.

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Good point about the n2 and terpenes. Does argon have the same azeotrope effect?

You could have a solvent safe pump cycle the fluid from the bottom to the top and mix that way?

its not an azeotrope effect is a physical one that happens when u bubble gas thru liquid so any gas will do it. if everything’s cold and ur not pushing N2 thru it crazy fast then it will be a tiny amount.
if u go with aurion’s idea I know some easy solvent safe pumps

or you could sonicate the whole thing lol even low frequency vibrations might work

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I’ve found ultrasonic probes I think will work, another thing I haven’t had the time or money to try tho. Can I inquire about the pumps?

Im envisioning a food safe liquid pump, maybe look at chugger pumps for transferring alcohol? They have a stainless head on them, its more a matter of making sure the motor unit has been isolated or is explosion proof. You could have it cycle the fluid from bottom to top under decent flow rates, getting a good mix.

If you have it enter into a tube with bend close to the nozzle, it could create a whirlpool type action, by directing the fluid flow, creating agitation.

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for small flow parasitic pump r super easy and solvent never touch anything but hose. bigger flow u could find a mag driven one or use vacuum in a two step process. ive seen people use pressurized air hose to create a vacuum to move liquids

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Paristaltic pump
Canned pump
Positive pressure
Venturi Vacuum


What is the cheapest/easiest way to adjust pH for saline scrub? And at what pH should I be shooting for?

Citric to go down to 4-5ish, baking soda to go up 9ish.


Whats the best salt to use rock salt or table salt. Also do you wash with just water after to make sure theres is no residual salts left over

probably water softener salt

Haven’t found that to be a huge issue if adsorbent scrubbing post saline, but yes you could

Does that have something else that come mixed with the salt

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Careful with acidic salt solutions in stainless steel. I believe you don’t want to drop below pH of ~4 (may not be a big issue if solution is room temperature)

Have you noticed any differences between sodium bicarbonate and sodium hydroxide for the purpose? Other than you can achieve higher pH with NaOH? And have you noticed any serious degradation effects from too high of pH, when the crude oil is fully decarboxylated?

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