Sale: CES Spray-Vap for Solvent Recovery

We have a spray vap from CES that has never been used at our facility. It came with a large purchase we made from a company that went under and now we are thinking about getting rid of it. Chillers/Heaters are included too. Curious on offers, please let me know if I can supply any further info.


Item: CES Spray Vap
Location: Grand Junction, CO
Price: Asking for offers


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Here’s pictures of the other units that came with the spray vap, would like to sell as a package.
Any questions just DM!

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Hope you guys get it sold! I picked up this exact same model about 10 months ago for 30K.

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Nice! How do you like the unit so far? We never used it in our facility but have heard great things about CES and the spray vap.

We were looking at around 25k for the unit but definitely open for offers or best offers!

Sadly out of my price range, but for any interested buyers, I do know a few people who own and run these and they love them

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That is great to hear my friend! I really appreciate the input here for other people to see


Not sure if your just missing the pieces in the pics… but it looks like your missing the two small flasks for the KNF pump as well as the 5 gallon jug for collecting solvent.

Love these rigs though for teaching people about recovery. not super high through-put but the easiest damn thing to run :call_me_hand:


Yes I believe there is some missing pieces, the owner of CES came by our facility and built us a quote for all missing parts and totaled out to $1200. I’m sure about the 5gallon collection jug but not too certain about the small flasks for the knf pump.

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I think they are great systems for recovery, they truly dry out the oil, so your first pass is actually a first pass (not more solvent recovery).

Yes, looks like some parts are missing. The 5-gal carboy for eth collection costs about $800 from CES, but you can probably finagle your own solution together for less.

Yes, the pump is missing the two collection flasks, but funnily enough, it’ll still work (one way valves to drain the liquid that’s condensed in them - you can empty them while the system & pump are on & running…). However, the KNF pump is slow AF, like 0.9 CFM, so takes forever to pull down, so we swapped them for 9 CFM scroll’s, which are great cuz they can handle eth vapor going through them without issue.

Best of luck selling it!


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Not only is it a great system for EtOH recovery, but I emailed for help with an air leak and got a cell phone call back in 30 minutes from an engineer that gave me the answer I needed in a flash.

I can’t say anything more positive for customer service than that.

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I appreciate the input Marmoris! Please let me know if you need another unit for your operations! I would love to cut you a deal :slight_smile:


We are willing to trade this Spray Vap for a Short Path unit or small Roto-vap!

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How small a roto? I’ll trade ya a 5 liter

At this point im looking at all offers. Send me a DM