Safest rolling papers?

I read a while back that most rolling papers and wraps are contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides. Now with the raw lawsuit and false advertising it got me interested again. Yesterday I saw a TikTok where a guy claimed to work for a legal facility who claims they can’t use pre rolled raw cones because they tested too high for heavy metals, it’s been taken since. Unfortunately the study I’ve seen doesn’t publish the complete results summary.

Does anyone have further testing or have they done similar research for their own facilities? I’m trying to find a brand of rolling papers that tests heavy metal free. It seems most are within “safe limits”, but as someone who consumes a lot of joints, I would highly prefer papers that test completely free of heavy metals.


So these are out of the question?

I’ve actually seen glass blowers use these papers for fume work



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My friend used to roll with corn husks. It’s actually great. Like a blunt without the nicotine.


I tried a seaweed wrap from a sushi place once… do yourself a favor and just don’t…


Gideon’s papers. Cheap and even free if you book at Motel 6.


While I feel for RAW being targeted by a competitor, I have always tried to model my businesses after HBI and to recognize that they may have lied about their biggest statements rips me up inside as a fan. I hope they are able to clear their name, and statements.

I don’t believe anything is safe for mass production honestly. So testing is a moot point. They will always battle something.

I’ll never forget the early days of champs tradeshow watching them grow.


Does anyone else find table eight to be mislabeled?

Those are detections. Not detections OVER the action limit. (Detections OVER the limit are in table 7)

So highlighted column is “detections over detection limit” which is also a lousy label…

Who says sclabs are idiots?

They do!!!


Orange zig zags feel like cancer after consuming.

I tried Ash brand papers at Cannabis Conference. They were some of the highest quality paper material I have seen. Also, it is probably a China subcontractor, but Mammoth microbe rolling papers with the tips had great paper and glue that we got gratis at the hydro store.



However, in a January 19, 2023 ruling, the Court found that “HBI makes no rolling paper in Alcoy, Spain whatsoever.” In its permanent injunction order, the Court enjoined HBI from stating or implying that its RAW® Organic Hemp booklets or cones are made in Alcoy and further ordered that “HBI shall not use on its packaging a ‘stamp’ including the use of the word Alcoy or referring to Alcoy.”

The order permanently prohibits HBI and its personnel from making any statement or communication, or engaging in any promotion or advertising activity that states, implies, or suggests:

  • That HBI and/or RAW operate(s) or contributes its funds or sales proceeds to a charitable entity or foundation of any kind referred to as the “RAW Foundation” or making reference to the “RAW Foundation” in text or images;

  • That RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers are “unrefined;”

  • That RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers are made with natural hemp gum, or that the adhesive used in RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers is made from or contains hemp;

  • That RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers are, or ever were, the world’s first or world’s only organic (or organic hemp) rolling papers;

  • That RAW Organic Hemp rolling paper booklets are made in Alcoy, Spain;

  • That RAW Organic Hemp pre-rolled rolling-paper cones are made in Alcoy, Spain;

  • That the bulk paper (“bobbins”) used to make RAW Organic Hemp rolling paper products is made in Spain;

  • That RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers are made in Alcoy Spain, the birthplace of rolling papers; and

  • HBI shall not use on its packaging a “stamp” including the use of the word Alcoy or referring to Alcoy.

  • That RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers are made using wind power or are powered by wind;

  • That HBI uses or used the center of the hemp stalk for its RAW Organic Hemp rolling papers;

  • That HBI or Joshua Kesselman invented rolling paper pre-rolled cones;

  • That the OCB Organic Hemp papers are knock-offs, “RAWnabees”, copies, or fake versions of RAW.

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I know it tends to be black and white when it comes to the court, but all the lawyers that I know are pretty savage as seen in that ruling.

Yeah I felt like some things were mislabeled, was rather confusing when I first read it, but I think you’re right. The second set was for papers that had detectable level, but not actionable level.

Detectable levels still concerns me. Wife and I have been smoking exclusively joints for years now. I do dabs too, but we smoke 8-10 joints a day.

I found this brand who is marketed on several websites as being heavy metal free, but when you go to the companies website, they made no such claims

Club Cabaret

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Idk if they’re “the safest” but they’re my favorite and they burn slower than RAW.

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Second this!!! Crispy and tasty :yum:

I used to be able to roll doobs one handed with pages from the Gideon’s bibles in hotel rooms. If you leave the torn edge frayed, it works like glue when you lick it. They were super thin paper. I wonder what I was smoking.

(I kind of feel bad about using bibles for that now)


Placed there to provide comfort to travelers…

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