Safely warm Mason jars?

How can I safely warm/manipulate the temp of several Mason jars full of butane and sauce? I don’t have access to a vacuum oven.

What heat source would not ignite if a jar cracked from pressure?

A heat lamp? A tray with water and an aquarium heater? Thanks for your ideas.

We are literally talking about this at neighboring thread …

To be honest a cabinet w no heat works just fine…I didn’t use heat forever! I only do bc makes things happen faster…

Nothing that’s not got potted electronics… It’s a wide debate how u do it and do it"safely"

However if one was only trying to make sauce u don’t need heat or the solvent left over to be honest, and really “SAFE”. I don’t think ANYONE here will argue that


Thanks for replying.

What is the title of that thread? Or how do I find it?

I have two types of jars I want to crash crystals out of, and neither have responded to a couple weeks of 60- 65f and pressure in the jars.

We use food dehydrators to warm our Mason jars. They only get to 160F, so we also use heat guns to speed things along.

Yeah at those temps it’ll take a month!

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