RYO (Rolll your own) filling station F511575G3

RYO Machines LLC brand
RYO filling station F511575G3
Rolls 200 smokes in 8 minutes

Includes reference and training manual
8000$+ shipping, Located near Eugene Oregon

Video of operation (YouTube). Sent to me by the owner.



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They used to have these in Massachusetts for ciggs in a few different smoke shops. You used to be able to buy a full carton of loosies for 26.50$.

I heard these suck for cannabis.

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I was told they were using it for hemp pre-rolls

I guess there’s issues


There are definitely issues. The holdings company for which I work has something like sixteen businesses and I was moved to other projects considered more pressing by the company, so it was never figured out on my end.

I never got a chance to test it blended with other ritual herbs such as marshmallow leaf that we had postulated would improve success using it with hemp. There are definitely other great suggestions in the linked thread for someone who wanted to keep trying at such a project. I also still intend to update it once someone gets a hair up their ass to have me take another whack at it.

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