Runny THC honey oil

Hello everyone,

I’ve been stumped on my experiment in making THC honey oil and looking for help, I’ve searched the website and not able to find any answers.

So I’m using co2 extracted crude with a lb of trim, winterized for 72 hours, filtered 3 times, carbon scrubbed, filtered through slurry. After resin has been crystal clear and yellow/amber color I put it in the rotovap. After solvent recovery my oil comes out runny like water every time.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

My guess is you have lots of residual solvent, we run thw roto till we see no solvent collecting on the condensing coil

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Thats what I thought too, but Im running my rotovap at 105F at 100RPM rotation, my chiller is at -10 to -15 and I run it till no more solvent in the condensing coil also. I’ve tried to run with different types of flower and still getting the same result.

What solvent are you using?

It’s likely a combination of terps and residual ethanol. If you hotplate it at 140C for an amount of time that reflects the volume, then let it cool to room temp, you will have an extremely viscous oil.

I’ve tried heating it on a hotplate at 120C, but the color gets darker over time, and I’d like to keep the nice orange/amber colour of the oil. When I heat it up the oil almost turns greenish black

I am using 95% denatured ethanol

Heat will make an extract darker


have you sent it off for third party testing (ask a stranger)?
I’d get residual solvents & cannabinoids.

fully decarbed you might be “runny”, but “like water”?
at what temp?

cool to room temp then post a 5 sec video showing viscosity.
so we’re all on the same page…

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So I’ve put it on a hotplate at 140C for about 3 hours now, and viscosity has increased, but still very runny. Please see attached video. Thank you

Terpenes and other mildly volatile compounds(heads during distillation). CO2 can produce oil like this. Not a CO2 guy but have ran stuff like this before.

Sometimes it’s water, if you see steam in roto, it’s water.

Thank you for your response. Do you know what is the best way to remove water out of this? I’ve heated it on a hotplate at 140C for 3 hours and its still watery