Running our bhogarts system

Hey everyone we finally got our system to run and we have our first liters. I want to know what everyone thinks.

Trying to hear people opinions

on your bucket filling technique?

in “cannabusiness”?

Edit: moved to “Show off your goods”.

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Yea on my bucket filling technique if u think that’s why I posed here good for u lol keep it that way. Obviously u don’t see why I posted.

in order for folks to offer their opinions on how you’re doing, they need to know what you’re doing.

spraying into an HDPE bucket isn’t going to get you anything useful.

asking about the consistency, color or yield might.

you don’t mention which bhogart.
what you filled it with. which solvent.
or anything relevant at all…


Looks like crude, do you have the next steps figured out?

Yes we do either going to sell or roll process to disty

So are you making the disty? Is this going to get any further treatment (purging/decarbing) prior to sale?

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My opinion would be that your oil is gonna have a lot of residual solvent and should be put into legitimate stainless steel pots then decarbed to 120 c using a infrared gun to monitor oil temp. Should require some stirring and no more than 1 hr. Super stinky process too. I would never buy crude thats not degassed as I would anticipate a large yield loss but would not know how to calculate that

So I posted a pic of our system we running bhogarts system with mvp iced tech chiller 5 hp with 100 percent butane with nitro assist and we use the hot vapor from the pump to push remaining cold solvent from our columns because we running cold from start to finish. Next week we will get our 8x48 Columns.

No selling raw like this.

If you expect people to consume it as is it is a long way from acceptable. If its being sold as crude for a distiller to finish off you should do as said above and de-gas before testing/selling.

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Only time I’d want the bucket to not be degassed is if I wanted to make diamonds. Or if it was a strain specific batch with a great smell

“…to max potential”

Are you looking to explore that?
ie compare your numbers to those of others?

just because you got her to squirt doesn’t mean you’re running at max potential.

So tell us what you achieved here…


He got his nitro assist working and I’m guessing solved the vapor lock problem…

Nice job


Its about 8% give or take, the loss of just decarbing. I decarb after winterizing, if done before it makes the fats smaller and they seem to not coagulate as well. In my opinion