Running Media with Good flower

Doing about 50-75lbs of some fresh frozen. Is there any point to use any media? The bud is very high quality and I can’t see any reason to use media. I have been in the past but figured I wanted to try without.


I personally would still prefer the output with a small amount of lustermax. I think it does a great job of polishing up high quality extract and in blind trials it was unanimous among “CRC haters” that they all liked the extract that saw a little lustermax as long as they didn’t know that’s what made it better :joy:


Lmao appreciate it. I’d assume anywhere from 200-500grams would do for the amount I’m doing?

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I do 150g per 3-4lb fresh frozen (thats 3-4lb estimated dry weight, not the weight of the flower and water combined)
So if ur doing all that in one batch, 500-750g is what I recommend, but u can def do less if its from a proper indoor grow


I would recommend using natural adsorbents like B80 or W2 when filtering fresh frozen material. There is no need for the oil to go through acidic clays if the amount of impurities is very low. You could also just filter through a 0.22um filter and use no media if you want to keep the full flavor


On a 6x48 column, roughly 7-8kg of material, I wouldn’t use more than 30-45g of said B80 on a 4" filter.


orders a pail of lustermax


Do you happen to have a link to any results of the blind trial, or was it not posted online? I’m not doubting your word, I’d just like the chance to see the extracts if I can

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Dosage, dosage, dosage. If your color is not where you want it to be or you want a general filtration step to adsorb sprayed compounds, focus on dosing your media to biomass. With fresh frozen this is low. 1-3% of biomass grams is what I see clients use. The lowered dosage is from the decreased oil actually in the FF biomass per lb, along with fresh frozen usually being relatively fresher and less cured/aged.

You can also just pack a large CRC unit and run through until the color comes out unsatisfactory. In this case, you’re technically diluting the dosage by adding more biomass.

I recommend the former since it’s FF and you want to slightly filter and keep the soul of your oil.
Stay away from any added silica products for this stuff. :muscle:


what if using a 3inch filter?

Same process and volume

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