Running hash/kief in your cls

Any tips or tricks to running kief in your cls and not getting cloggs ? I imagine there’s a certain ratio of flower to keif that is ideal for max yeild and no clogs. Anyone have experience? Would love to be able to do it right the first time

Throw some trim at the bottom?

That or celite. I recommend celite for everything.

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I’ve done it before by mixing kief with pool filter sand to prevent clogging. That was the first thing I tried and it worked.


It’s all about the height of the windchime. The higher it is the better the yields.

Maybe use a material bag or sock?


I was going to say, but Franklin did anyways, to add sand or another inert media to the kief so it doesn t clog



Yeah it’s come up before. Like most of your questions.


if you use “kief+bitch” you’ll hit many of the previous discussions.

You could also thank these nice people here who were kind enough to type because you were too lazy to search, and then promise to try harder next time.

Or not. and someone will hassle you for tank dangling

Edit: not that your question wasn’t polite and relevant. just the concept that you KNOW it’s been discussed, but you’re still gonna solicit more opinions, without knowing (or seeming to care) what might have gone before…some of it quite slick. none of it actually defining the right ratio. @graywolf wrote it up once upon a time. I followed his directions the first time I tried it. I wrote that up here. others have ALSO shared how they’ve gotten the job done. or failed to. FOR YOUR BENEFIT. [deleted]


You put that shit on everything? :wink:

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Buy packing material for your column. You can get stainless packing mesh.

The days of distillation are numbered. You can clean up, remediate, almost ANYTHING Faster and easier in the loop, especially at a small-medium scale. I’ve been try to convince my homie to abandon the short path and go all CLS for like reclaimed sonicbath.


Take some biomass that you dont mind pairing with your kief and mix the kief back in at a ratio of 75% biomass to 25% kief by weight. pack the bottom of the column with unmixed biomass.


Couple of potatoes, a leek, onion, herbs and spices, fistful of celite… Baby you got a dirt stew going.

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Better than a fist full of pesticides…

I think I rather eat some celite opposed to piretroids, but Im just a hippy dippy weather man like that…:upside_down_face: