RSO syringes?

How do you guys typically package RSO or whatever it’s called now a days? Basically just decarboxylated crude. I’m thinking graduated syringes makes the most sense. Was thinking of cutting it with MCT oil to make it flow thru a syringe at room temp more easily. Does anyone happen to know the smallest ratio of MCT to crude that one can use to make RSO flow somewhat easily at room temp? Or maybe ethanol is a better diluent for this purpose? It seems the market wants RSO that tests 50-60+% THC and an easy application method (syringes). But achieving that potency with a cut to sufficiently decrease viscosity seems troublesome to me.

Most companies i have seen do RSO , is in a form of a syringe dispenser
MCT would be ideal, terpenes would be an alternative as well.
not too sure on the ratio

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Yeah guess I’ll just have to do some experiments. Saw some locally that was 74% THC which is pretty high for crude let alone crude that was diluted to reduce viscosity. The stuff was dispensable thru a syringe at room temp. I don’t see how that’s achievable. My crude doesn’t even usually test that high uncut and once decarbed it’s hard as a rock at room temp.

You will definetly have to do some RnD , trial and error to get the right consistency
it is all part of the process.
most consistency of RSO i have seen has been very thick


Even 10% cut will get you where you need to be in most cases, I can’t imagine anything over 30%

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