RSO degumming

Any other ways to degum RSO besides enzyme/saltwater separation?

Citric acid but iT gets nasty :rofl:
Cloges up everything. !

In a separatory funnel?

Carbon-chemistry has a “degumming clay” now, you might want to try that product.

Can you clarify how citric acid degums without saltwater /enzyme separation? Also, can it be then filtered for removal and is pH balancing after required?

If there is Some ethanol in solution adding
Citricacid Will make Some gums come out
Still need to rinse with water and brine to neutrelize

Gotcha, I was trying to avoid water separation and see if there was a way to remove sugars while keeping in ethanol, even though I know the issues w water versus ethanol and polarity issues. Just seeing if there was a way to skip the hydration/separation step and keep the entire process exclusively mechanical/chemical filtration while in ethanol. Seems unlikely though