Rotary evaporators,high and low temperature integrated machines are sold in stock in the US

Rotary flask: 50L
Collection flask: 20L
Ethanol Evaporation Rate:
Motor power: 250W
Rotating speed: 20~110rpm
Vacuum degree: 399.9pa
Water (Oil) bath power: 6Kw
Temp control mode/range: intelligent digital/RT-399℃ Power supply: 220V 50/60HZ
Low temperature Range: -30℃-RT High temperature Range: 200℃-RT
Refrigerating capacity:
Rated power: 2625W
Coolant : R404A Heating power:6000W Heating current:24A Cooling current:12A High and low pressure maximum working pressure:3.0MP Heat exchange maximum allowable pressure:3.0MP
Power supply: 220V/60Hz Environment temperature: 5~35℃

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There is single condensation one, double condensation two, fast delivery, 3-5 working days to the door
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Single Condensing Rotary Evaporators are sold out, now only Dual Condensing, High Efficiency Evaporation Rate, Double Recovery, Double Condensing, please message me if you need it.