Rotary evaporator 2 sets with 1 chiller & pump solution customize

In order to save the cost of laboratory expenses, the solution of low temperature 1 set and vacuum pump 1 set, be used for 2 sets rotary evaporator. More project customization, DM

Let me help your marketing a little bit by showing just what you mean when you say 2 set of Merry Go Rounds (rotos)! (It helps to paint a prettier picture by using gifs for proper terminology.)
Also, what’s your prices?

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Those lil water aspirator pumps gwt jot quickly and lose most of there vacuum unless hooked to a water chiller. Without a water chiller it would struggle with 1 roto after 30-60 mins and 2 would be even worse. I personally like the pumps for small things, tbey suck (in a bad way) just enough that its like a built in vac regulator.

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I used to run a julabo presto on three 5L rotos before I got into cannabis and it even had a hard time when the oligo boys would come start evaporating ammonia on the third roto in line. Thinking back it’s funny they also used virtually all oil pumps in an organic synth lab, maybe that was to capture fumes rather blast the techs with them who knows.




thank you

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