Anyone know anyone using this machine…someone actually using it for production?

Time for a FAQ?

ya its a joke, dont waste your time or money. the science is good but the company doesnt know how to use their own equipment. its a poor design,


I have used both, and own a Gilison unit. It works but, its not a magic bullet. Solvent use is high, and you are going to have to use heptane and etoh. I would not recommend for large scale.


Then what would you suggest? Large scale thc removal


If I had to do it over again, I would go with the Interchim ITM-800. It has similar throughput (24kg/day) as the Rotachrom iCPC ($2M) for $150K. Plus, the structural requirements are far less involved (benchtop) vs. industrial space. However, you are looking at approximatley $60/run on the column.

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So why wouldn’t most hemp extraction facilities equip themselves with banks itm-800’s (or larger) to handle their production volume? It seems that with rates like a $0.50- $1.00 per gram of input for toll thc remediation that any decent volume would have those things paid for in no time…


Well, they are. Lots of them.